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How to Maintain the Toupee Human Hair in Right Ways?

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When it refers to the toupee human hair, some people may make an association with the ghost. They feel confused about the origin of those hairs and are worried that those hairs come from the dead. Therefore, it is time for those men who are in the need of it to make a correct understanding of it. 

The Sources of Natural Human Hair

For those men who are bald, it is necessary to choose a suitable toupee. There are three kinds of toupee in the market, the first kind is made of synthetic fiber, the second is made of the natural hair of humans, and the rest is made of a combination of synthetic and natural ones. Some men may afraid that the natural hair comes from the dead, thus they choose to buy synthetic one. However, the fact is that natural hair comes from the following several channels.

1. Some people, especially women may choose to cut their long hair and sell it to the manufacturers.

2. Some people may collect their naturally shed hair and the hair on their combs, then sell it to the manufacturers.

3. The hairdressers in the barbershop will collect customers’ hair and sell it to manufacturers.

Therefore, people can choose a natural toupee without unnecessary worries. 

The Ways to Identify the Toupee Human Hair

Though it seems that the hairpiece which is made of chemical materials looks similar to the real hair. It is much heavier than the one which is made of natural hair. Some people may feel confused about how to identify whether a hairpiece is made of real hair or chemical materials. Here are some helpful methods.

1. You can identify through the gloss. The chemical material is of high gloss, while the natural hair is more similar to our real hair.

2. You can judge by the touch of the hair. Real human hair is softer than man-made hair.

3. You can verify with the help of the fire. Take a strand of toupee and light it with a lighter. If the hair turns into gray powder and smells like burnt wool, we can judge that the wig is made of natural hair. If the hair sticks together and smells like burnt plastic, it’s made of chemical fiber.

Wigs made of real hair look more natural and not easy to tangle. Furthermore, they can be permed and dyed. These are the merits that synthetic wigs lack. 

The Ways to Take Care of the Toupee Human Hair

For men, a good toupee not only can function as the balding patch but also can help to keep their charm. Thus, maintaining the hairpiece in a good shape is very important. What’s more, keeping the wig in a good shape can also extend its service life. Therefore, taking good care of the wig is of great necessity. Here comes some steps that help to care for your toupee.

1.  Before washing the wig, you can straighten it with a comb. You’d better choose a wide-toothed comb, and comb the hair from its tail to the root.

2.  Prepare some warm water. The temperature of the water should be controlled at around 40℃. Because the higher the temperature of the water is, the easier it causes hair with split ends.

3. Wet the hair and squeeze some shampoo in your palm. You should make some shampoo foam in the palm and then rub it on your hair, for it is harmful to apply shampoo to the hair directly. After that, you can use your fingers to wash your wig. And around 10 minutes later, you can clean it with some warm water.

4. After finishing washing the hair, you should put it in a ventilated place and let it dry naturally. Try not to dry it with a hairdryer.

It is not necessary to wash the toupee too frequently. It is suggested that you can wash them once every 7 to 15 days in summer and once every 15 to 30 days in winter. 

To sum up, don’t be afraid that natural toupees come from the dead! Please treat it in the right ways. Believe it or not, a toupee that is made of natural human hair would be a good choice for its verisimilitude and flexibility. What’s more, wearing a toupee human hair with a good shape will make you more attractive. 


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