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The Introduce of Truths about Hair Systems by A Professional

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Today’s article is about the truths about hair systems that every hair system wearer should know. This is shared by TheSalonGuy, who has been a hairstylist for more than 20 years. 

I actually did wear a hair system. I did get a lot more attention and I felt very confident but I feel like more myself with shaving my head which is why I've been wearing this look. However, it's not to say that I hate them or I don't like them or I don't suggest it because I do. If you're someone like myself who's been shaving their head for a long time and you built up a brand or a public figure whatever it is, it may be a much bigger shock to you and other people and that's where you may not feel like yourself for a small period of time. 

When I was putting a hair system on initially was actually an experiment. It was something I wanted to try to kind of see how people liked it and feedback and kind of a social experiment and like I said it was all positive. I did get a few negatives here and there but that's because people knew me.

I can tell you one thing right now after experimenting with it and trying it on different mannequin heads and you know just getting the use used to using one of these I said ‘boy this is this is life changing to a lot of people’.  So if you are an individual who has longer hair on the sides has longer hair in the back and just really thin hair on top, you're tired of it, you just want something different, it's gonna be very noticeable and obvious at first by a lot of people but I mean you can just say look I'm trying something new. I mean there's a lot of work that women get done so why can't we as men do the same thing and not be judged. So don't be afraid of being judged you want to look good you want to look fresh this is definitely going to be life-changing. 

The next thing I want to talk about is the actual type of hair system you should be getting. In my personal opinion, I tried the lace and I've tried the poly. The lace gives you a bit more breathability and that's great for somebody who wants to use the tape who doesn't want to use the glue. I've experienced that they are depending on the unit you're getting there a lot thicker and less natural looking. There are ones that are a poly base which has a tendency to be more natural looking. 

In my opinion, the thin skin poly base, the one that I wore in the past is the most natural looking. The way it's stitched in by hand there are all these techniques and methods and advantages to using that because they put so much work into crafting. Each one of these you know strand by strand so it's going to be the most natural looking the least dense and don't be afraid by that because there are so many people wearing hair systems and units that just want so much hair and they want to look have their hair look as thick as possible and to me, it just screams you're wearing a hair unit. That's cool if you want to have that super thick hair and you want to look like you've got eight tons of hair on your head go for it that's totally awesome but as a hairstylist a professional hair barber for 25 years, I can spot it a mile away.

The next thing is what's the best haircut. When I cut my hairlines the way I do it is I just cut off the excess skin or the base that's right in front of where the hair starts. That is the most natural technique and natural method of getting a hairline to look like this instead of outlining your base starting it right in the middle of the base and cutting off all this because you're just going to get a solid line a very solid thick line from the base and you don't want that. That's what makes it look unnatural when you just have something straight across whereas this literally looks like it's growing right from the head and that's what I try to do is to make it look as real and believable as possible. 

Here are the three important factors or truths about hair systems. If you choose the right hair system base and get the hairline and haircut correctly, it will look just like your own hair and it will be lifechanging for you. 


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