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Do You Want to Have A Hair Replacement Systems Haircut?

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Do you want to learn how to do hair replacement systems haircut do? Or you never think of doing a haircut to your wig? Let me teach you how to solve this problem. Wigs are mostly of the same style, which means there is no hairstyle.

Short hair wigs are made so that the ends of bangs and sideburns are particularly long, while long hair wigs are generally straight. Where did the wigs come from? After the factory-made wigs, the hairdresser came to the factory and cut them in the same way.

This kind of trimming usually cuts the bangs of wigs to 12 cm. In this way, customers can trim themselves at home. Therefore, the wigs’ hair and bangs we bought are very long, so we need to trim and shape ourselves.

If you don't want to go to the barber's shop, you can buy a mannequin and go home to do your wig’s haircut. Put the wig on the mannequin first, and then cut it as you like. Because it's hard to cut out the layers without something to support the wig.

Because it's not convenient to cut it when you wear it on your head. You can do it by yourself. Don't cut it too short when you first do hair replacement systems haircut. If you cut it short at once, you can't make up for it.

A workman must first sharpen his tools if he is to do his work well.

Therefore, the content of this issue covers all the commonly used tools from ordinary haircut styling and back patch haircut, anti-gravity haircut, and hand-woven wig haircut.

I. basic appliances, suitable for general haircut, hair styling, and hair trimming:

1. Scissors are divided into flat scissors and teeth scissors.

Flat scissors, with a smooth and sharp blade, are the most common and basic type of scissors. Teeth scissors also called thinning scissors, are used for thinning your hair. More professional three-dimensional hairdressers will also have scissors with various shapes. But in our hair replacement systems haircut, the most commonly used ones are flat scissors and tooth scissors. I am too lazy to change scissors, so although there are several teeth scissors, I cut them only use the flat scissor.

2. Combs are divided into steel combs, ordinary combs, straight-roll combs, pointed tail combs, and so on.

I don't use steel combs very much, because many steel combs have barbs on their wooden handles and their workmanship is too inferior. It takes careful selection to meet my satisfactory non-wood handle steel comb. As for preventing static electricity, other kinds of combs can also have this function.

There are three kinds of combs commonly used by myself: steel comb, straight-roll comb, and pointed tail comb.

The first two are used for hair combing, while the pointed tail comb is used for wig partition during trimming, hair wax coating during styling, and so on, which is very practical.

3. Haircut clips: they are used for wig hair partition, or to assist in hair styling. Generally speaking, when you buy a set of scissors, the store will give some clips to you as complimentary. If you have special needs, you can buy more in professional barbershops.

4. Hair straightener or curling iron. Both of them were bought on Amazon, and the price was around forty USD. Generally speaking, a hair straightener is enough, and curling irons are purely personal pursuits.

5. Mannequin and stand: I am using a PVC mannequin, which can use pins to fix my wigs. The stand is an ordinary three-legged bracket of the wig placing equipment. I usually buy them on Amazon.

6. Hair styling products: I don't recommend buying cheap hair wax. It's easy to whiten, agglomerate, and be sticky. It's fine when you use it, and it will be disgusting when you take it off. I used to buy gel, hair wax, dry glue in the supermarket.

Comprehensive sense of use, hair wax has the highest evaluation, colorless and tasteless, and strong shaping characters.

The second is styling gel, which costs 20 or 30 USD in a large bottle of 600ML. The styling effect is good, but the smell is too strong, so remember to ventilate when you use it indoors.

Gel and hair wax is bought by chance, and the effect is almost the same, so there is nothing wrong with it.

All these suggestions for your hair replacement systems haircut and styling.


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