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The Guide to Use the Walker Max Hold Sport

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A lot of hair system wearers have the problem of less time holding or wig coming off in summer and humid places or during working out. How to fix this and avoid these awkward moments? Today we are introducing a super-effective item called Max Hold Sport made by Walker that can fix this problem you might have.


Max Hold Sport is also a kind of scalp protector but it provides a stronger protective barrier compared to Scalp Protector and Scalp Protector Thick. Max Hold Sport helps avoid irritation for active, oily and hot weather toupee wearers, improve the hold time, and it saves the 24-hour cure time of a fresh bond.

Without Max Hold Sport, if you just reattach your hair system and you have to give it at least 24 hours time to cure. During this time, you cannot shower, swim, or work out and try not to sweat much in order to affect the bond. 


Max Hold Sport contains Isopropyl Alcohol, Methacrylate Film Former, Dimethyl Phthalate. It is skin safe and flammable. 

How to Use Max Hold Sport

Using Max Hold Sport is extremely important for people who have active lifestyles, oily sweaty skin or living in humid climates. 

First, you need to clean your scalp thoroughly. Here you can use Walker Bond Breaker Shampoo. Then swipe the scalp with 99% Alcohol to remove any residue left on the scalp. Once the scalp is clean, apply Max Hold Sport to the area using our convenient dab-on application method. Apply 1-2 coats of Max Hold Sport. Wait for the product to dry until it’s no longer tacky, then apply your tape or liquid adhesive of choice over the area and secure the hair system in place.

Does it really work?

Check how a customer says about Max Hold Sport. Quote: Well, it really works. I work out at least 5 times a week and I sweat a lot. I use Walker Ultra hold glue and I can get 10 days out of it at the most. With Max Hold Sport, I can get at least 14 days holding time. I do recommend you guys use Max Hold Sport if you are very active or have an oily scalp. It works really well for me.



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