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Tips on How to Choose Men’s Toupees Online

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Where to buy the men’s toupees online? There are so many different types of hair units for men, which one should I pick? If you want to try on the hair toupee for the first time, you may ask these questions. Do not worry, in the article, we will solve your doubts and help you to choose the hair system that suits you.

It can be said that toupees are one of the best inventions to solve the problem of hair loss. Indeed, these products bring much convenience to our life, particularly those suffering from irreversible baldness. Then, where can we buy those quality products since there are so many choices online? 

When we search “toupees for men" on shopping websites such as Amazon and Walmart, we will discover that there are plenty of toupee-relevant products offered. However, we cannot select the product randomly. To choose a hair replacement system that fits us, we need to first figure out our demands. 

For instance, I seldom work out, always sitting in the office, and do not sweat a lot. Therefore, I do not need a hair unit that is highly breathable to prevent sweat. What I need is a system with an undetectable hairline and natural hairpieces, so I choose the thin skin base hair replacement system. 

The advantage of such a product is that it is easy to apply and remove. The first time I have worn it, I went to the help of a professional hairdresser in a salon near me. After asking him about the tips on how to wear a hair system, I can handle the application myself. The base of the thin skin system is smooth. Wearing it just like wearing another thin skin on the scalp. 

In the beginning, you may feel a bit of discomfort, it is natural. After a while, you will not feel the existence of the hair unit. The poly base system, though not that light as the lace or silk hair system, is still light-weighted. If you do not have other extra needs, a thin skin hair replacement can meet your basic needs.


However, if you often work out or sweat a lot. The lace or silk hair toupees are more proper choices. The difference between a poly hair toupee and a lace one mainly lies in the base materials. As we have said above, the poly base is smooth and water-resistant while the lace base has many small holes, which allows air to flow in. Therefore, it is more comfortable and suitable to wear such a product on hot summer days. 

The disadvantage of the product is that because of these small holes, it is not that easy to apply and remove. If you want to buy the men’s toupees online with a long life span, the mono hair units are recommended. 

Lace and poly hair toupees can be used for several months while the mono ones can be used for a longer time. Monofilament is one of the most durable materials, the hair system made of which can last for 6-9 months. If you pursue the best wearing experience, then silk hair replacement can be your primary choice. 

After knowing what sort of men’s toupees online you need, you can start searching for good products. Here, we recommend products from the Lavivid store. We have offered professional services and premium products for years. Each product has its unique features, which can satisfy the demand of most people. 

For example, the Helios Hair System for Bald Men is a popular product in our store. With a full Swiss lace base, it is highly breathable and comfortable to wear. There is a wide range of colors you can choose from. If you think the base is a bit large for you, you can cut it or order the pre-cut service. The 100% human hair can give you a natural and undetectable appearance. 


We have introduced how to choose a hair replacement system for men online. Buying a proper toupee needs a careful selection. Our store can be your reliable partner. Here, you can find many good products at reasonable prices. You are welcomed to communicate with our shop assistants on hair loss problems. We are willing to solve your troubles. 


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