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How to Choose the Best Weaves for Balding Men?

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Imagine you are around 20 years old, you start losing your Hair, by falling victim to male pattern baldness or even medications. Your deep black afro is fading away, and you can see bald spots on your head where there is almost no Hair. You start to lose your confidence and even avoid going out to meet people because you do not feel like showing the world how you look like. It is sad and devastating. A lot of young boys go through this every day while thinking there is no way out. Not just boys but men also. There was no apparent solution to the bald spots or male pattern baldness. To cover that baldness without emptying your accounts all they thought they could do was go completely bald.

Gladly, there are more options you have than that. As the fashion industry is growing, making it almost not healthy for men or women to not care about their looks. Let us enter the winners of the male grooming industry, Hair replacement System Industry.  The reason why it is on the top is because of the diversity and options it provides. Adding to it and solving the problem of thousands of people whose story we mentioned above, the Hair Weaves. For decades these hair weaves were used only for women, especially black women. Now, these hair weaves are used to turn the lives of balding men around. They are known to be the real game-changer in the hair industry for black men.  

These Men Weaves are known as cranial prosthetics, hair systems or hairpieces. To summarize it they are a blessing for men who are experiencing extensive hair loss because it can be applied on their bald spots and it will look exactly like their own Hair, undetectable and comfortable. African women inspired men weaves, but they are not only designed for black men. They are designed for Caucasian, Latino, African American, along with men from other ethnicities who have naturally really curly Hair. These Man weave hair units are mostly 100% human hair, but in some hairpieces, these weaves are made in the combination of synthetic Hair.   

How much does getting a man to weave costs?

There are a few sides to this question, the hair type, and quality, the place you ate getting your weave from, the place where you are getting your pattern installed, and finally the maintenance cost. Adding all these costs up, it can cost you around $400 to $800, depending upon how much you put into your hair system. If your Man weave hair unit is custom made then the price point will be higher and so on.


How real does it look?

So you got yourself a very natural looking hair weave, and it is looking great. Now you need to get it installed, and this is where the real magic happens there is a lot of minor technicalities that go inside the application of the Hair weaves. It can take more than an hour to get it done with perfection. The glue is applied on the scalp to hold the hair unit intact and in place. The main focus is to measure and hide all the bald spots without making it look unnatural or artificial. After the hair weave is installed, you need to go for a haircut which makes it all come together. Here, this step can make a ton of difference in your looks and your hairpiece. After getting the hairstyle, you will be amazed at how you look. The before and after pictures will be almost magical. Your confidence will find its way back to you, and your self-esteem will sour high again! The results are incredible and life-altering. You will almost look like a new man.

Your one application of weave will last up to 4 months it can last more than that or even less than that depending on how you maintain it. After the successful installation of your man weave, you need to limit the water usage on it as it can mess up the glue. Limiting water and taking care of your texture correctly can make your weave last to around a year. Sustainable and pocket friendly.

Man Weave Trend

For so long men wearing Hair, the unit was considered to be something to frown upon and made a joke out of. It took a lot of courage for men to invest in their hair systems and start using it, but in the end, they would get discouraged by all the jokes they would Hair about their hairpieces. The dilemma was real, up until now where men are encouraged to fight their insecurity and wear their hairpieces with utter confidence. Now hair weaves and hairpieces are normalized, but it is still a long way to go for everyone to understand that men wearing Hair weaves or hairpieces are the same as women wearing makeup.

Thanks to this trend of Man Weaves that it is more regular and a reasonable option for men to opt for a hair weave for themselves and feel great about their selves, boost their ego and make them look around ten years younger and more fun. All you should care about is your self and what makes you happy. So to get yourself a hair weave check us out at Lavivid Hair and tell us your opinion on this men weave trend and what innovations are needed in this industry. 


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