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How Much Do You Know about Best Hair Replacement System in The World?

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How much do you know about the best hair replacement system in the world? Or you are puzzled by too many kinds of hair replacement systems? You do not know which one is the best among them, so I would like to introduce more about the hairpiece or technology we may face in our daily life.

How many hair replacement system products do you know in the hair products shop? As far as I know, I have seen a toupee, wig, hairpiece, and other accessories in the shop. What’s more, if you treat wearing hairpieces as a waste of time, you can use the technology of hair transplantation to solve the problem of your hair loss.

I would like to divide all the products into two parts, one is wearing function and the other is technology function.

But first, you have to figure out the reason you get androgenic alopecia hair loss.

Hair loss is caused by diverse factors with a genetic predisposition. The main reason should be the original of the father or mother of offspring. If the father does not have the problem of hair loss, then the gene probably comes from the mother generation.

In this situation, the gene may have skipped generations and passed from grandmother to mother without any affected males. Because of female hair loss, mothers often show the sign of hair loss.

For the reason above, we can use a toupee or a wig as a solution. How much is a male hairpiece worth? We all know the price of a toupee or a wig, it depends on its hair, lace, and crocheting process.

Let’s talk about its hair first. The hair of the best hair replacement system in the world like toupees or wigs is usually very short, which is just over ten centimeters, and then trim them.

We all know the hair quality of toupees is divided into three parts: braided hair, cutting hair, and bubble hair. Let's take braided hair as an example. A woman's 35 cm -38 cm long hand-woven braided wig has a price of 2000-3000 yuan. Then the length of men's replacement piece is more than ten centimeters, and it doesn't use so much hair. How much should it cost?

Let's talk about the bottom lace. The bottom lace of the men's hairpiece is a piece of hair patch, which can directly cover the top of the head. It doesn't need a large area. How much can a piece of cloth be worth?

Let's talk about the crocheting process again. The area of men's hairpiece that needs to be crocheted is one piece in length and width. It just covers the top of your head directly, and you don't need a large area. Generally, you can make an area of 10 times 10 area toupee.

Ps: Of course, except for the big head, it is also possible to make more than 20 times more than 20 areas. You go to see the women's wigs again. How much does it cost to cover the whole hand-woven area of the head?

Therefore, I don't understand why men's hair is so short. Why is it more expensive than women's wigs? When you say that the hairpiece is long, it is only a dozen centimeters, and the area is just a small piece.

How about hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is usually safe and the most common cosmetic surgery procedure for men. Thesis reports that the infection rate is less than 0.1%, although most of these infections are limited to pustular lesions that respond to antibiotic therapy

In the aspect of local wound care, serious infections have been reported, such as bacteremia and septicemia, septic pulmonary embolism, and staphylococcus aureus osteomyelitis of the scalp.

Pain, increased erythema and sudden onset of suppurative exudate or fever should arouse suspicion of wound infection.

Local measures such as incision and drainage, possible debridement, and taking samples of any wound fluid for culture and sensitivity will be the first step to deal with these infections.

Then, the cultivation of broad-spectrum antimicrobial drugs was started, and once the results of cultivation and sensitivity were obtained, they were adjusted to narrow coverage for specific species.

To sum up, the best hair replacement system in the world should be toupee and hair transplantation. If you are not afraid of taking the time to wear a toupee, you could choose to wear a toupee. If you want to fix the hair loss problem forever, you could choose hair transplantation. 


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