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The Introduction of Men's Human Hair Wigs

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There is quite a bit of controversy that surrounds men's human hair wigs. Yet this is a response to balding and hair loss. Balding is a natural phenomenon that affects most men worldwide. In fact, research has shown that 50% of people are affected by hair loss, especially on the head. As a result, the confidence of you as a man can be severely hampered, especially if balding occurs when you are still young. Luckily, not all hope is lost. Stylists have developed human hair wigs designed for men. In addition to boosting confidence, human hair wigs will make you look handsome as ever. But what exactly are human hair wigs for men?

What are Men's Human Hair Wigs?

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There are plenty of ways to style your hair as fair as hairstyles are concerned. They include surgery and transplant. But why go through an expensive and painful experience that might have complications when you can easily get hair through none surgical ways?

Human hair wigs are specifically designed for men. I know that you have heard wigs for women. However, they are not the same as men's human hair wigs. In fact, they vary from hair texture to hair length to hair material and density. They are an easy, cheaper, and convenient way of having hair without going through surgery. As explained below, it all depends on your preferences.

Different Men’s Human Hair wigs

One can easily get confused when identifying human hair from synthetic. The difference lies within the fiber of the hair. Synthetic hair retains its style even after washing. However, real human hair needs restyling to attain the previous style. Picking the best human hair is also not an easy task. Especially because there are a lot of fake items available in the market at very low prices.

Depending on your budget, needs, and time you can easily choose the right human hair for yourself. There are generally four basic types of human hair from Indonesian, Chinese, European, and Indian.

Chinese human hair wigs for men are a great option if you like straight hair. The texture of the hair available does not respond to curling. The hair strands are incredibly straight and pose a challenge to styling.

Indonesian hair wigs for men are quite available in the market as opposed to other types of human hair wigs. They are far much affordable, as well. It is much easier to style and maintain.

Caucasian hair wigs are more expensive than any other type of wig. They are the most sought after human hair wigs due to its very fine denier.

Indian human hair wigs are thinner in comparison to the other wigs. However, it is much denser and has more texture.

Where the hair originates is essential. However, other factors determine the quality of the hair. The processing technique and the chemicals used determine the pattern, color, and the integrity of the hair. The higher the quality of chemicals and the more meticulous procedures used on the wig, the higher the price.

How To Choose Men’s Human Hair Wigs?

If you need a wig and you are having a hard time selecting one, here are tips to help you narrow down the best human hair wig. Here are some of the guidelines:


Try sticking to the style you are familiar with. Do not go overboard when purchasing your first wig. After your first purchase, you can buy different wigs to bring out your different personalities. You can play with the length, texture, and color.


Wigs come in different sizes; there are large capsizes and small ones. Measure the circumference of your head. Start from the front hairline, behind your ear, nape of your neck to the back, and then to the front hairline. This will help you determine a fitting wig. Always opt for the wig with an adjustable strap.


From the information above, you can either opt for a synthetic or human hair type of wig. They both have advantages and disadvantages. However, human hair wig for men is a better option, especially if you appreciate a more natural look.

Cap Feature

Different cap constructions require different methods for attaching. There is a basic cap, lace front, monofilament, and hand-tied.


Review the colors available to one that suits you best. You can go for a color that is close to your original hair color. This will help to give your hair a more natural appeal. However, do not hesitate to step out of the box and try new things.


Balding and hair loss affect most men especially in their old age. However, it is not uncommon for hair loss and balding in people of young ages. When this happens, men are stigmatized and lose confidence in their overall appearance. However, a human hair wig can easily restore confidence and enhance the overall look of a man. There are different types of human hair wigs for men, as shown above, all you have to do is choose one that is ideal and convenient for you.If you are looking for a men's human hair wigs, LaVivid Hair will be the best choice, for more information please visit:


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