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What Are the Upsides and Downsides of Real Hair Hairpieces?

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When choosing a wig, you are always put in front of a difficult choice of whether you should pick synthetic fibers or real hair hairpieces. In an effort to help you become more knowledgeable about wigs, we invite you to enjoy our presentation of human hair wigs, where we will make you familiar with the positive and negative sides of this headcover option. 

What should motivate you to choose a real hair wig

1. It gives green light to styling

Just like your own biological hair, you are free to style your human hair wig any time, without having to worry about negative effects. You can use heat tools to style your hairpiece since human hair is pretty resistant to heat. However, don't overuse heat tools, such as straighteners and curlers, as too much heat will damage your hair, making you replace it more often.

2. Natural look is guaranteed

When you wear a human hair wig, be sure that nobody will notice it. The hairpiece looks exactly like real hair, which will hardly make anyone detect the substitution. The only thing that could betray the presence of the wig is the poorly glued edges. So always ensure that the wig is stuck to the scalp reliably and there are no glue stains that look awful. 

3. Choose the texture that fits your hair best

Human hair has many textures. While synthetic hair provides only one texture possible, a human hair wig allows you to choose the texture that fits your own hair best. In this way, you will get a seamless blending and a pleasant feel. The opportunity to choose the texture makes human hair hairpieces preferable for people suffering from partial baldness.

4. Enjoy an extended lifespan

Human hair is more durable and resistant to threats than synthetic fibers, and if you take care of it properly, it can serve you up to one year. You get a lifespan of one year if you use the wig daily, while if you wear it occasionally, like only on weekends, it will last significantly more.

What should give you a pause in choosing a real hair wig

1. Maintenance takes much time

Raw hair hairpieces require more attention and maintenance. The hair tends to lose its style while sleeping, wearing a tight cap or brushing. This is why you will have to return the style all the time. Moreover, human hair is easy prey for rain and wind. So every time rain makes your wig wet, you will have to wash it and style it from scratch. 

Since maintenance is going to happen almost daily, you need to avoid harsh chemicals as much as possible. Try to use natural hair care products, such as plant-based shampoos to make your hair less exposed to the negative effects of frequent maintenance.

2. Challenging price

Raw hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic fiber because collection takes long and the manufacturers have to pay each donor. Natural look is also a factor that makes these hairpieces costly. Moreover, with the growing demand each year, human hair wigs are getting even more expensive.

However, knowing that real hair is more durable, buying such a wig can be a wise investment. Though being cheaper, a synthetic wig gets damaged faster, which will have you replace it every 3-4 months. Thus, in one year, you are expected to spend pretty the same amount of money, whether choosing synthetic wigs or real hair hairpieces. 

3. Too diverse colors

A real hair wig consists of hair from more people, which makes the colors not always coincide. Some wigs may include more variations of a color, which is not noticeable at first sight. But, if taking a really close look, these variations may be identified.

4. Too much light makes the color fade

Human hair will start oxidizing from too much exposure to light, which will lead to its color fading. A solution to avoiding exaggerate contact with light is to wear a cap or other headwear when walking under a hot sun.

5. Negative reaction to weather

Human hair tends to react to the weather. If you walk in rain or you are in a room with high humidity levels, it will be hard for you to avoid frizz.


On the whole, real hair hairpieces have both advantages and disadvantages. While some positive aspects, such as easy styling, natural look and longevity may be a good motivation to buy a human hair wig, there are also things that can make you give up on choosing it. These include high price, much maintenance and sensitivity to light.


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