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How to Choose The Best Blonde Highlights for Men?

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Blonde highlights men enable them to have an alluring and charming look. There are so many ways on how men can style their hair such as short polished cuts, rugged man buns, groomed pompadours and bold buzz cuts. The good thing about blonde hair is that it can be the best option for all men regardless of their personality. However, what you should know is that by getting blonde highlights, you can get a lot of benefits. Apart from making the locks of men to have a cooler look, they can also add an illusion of volume and dimension.

However, you may find it difficult in choosing a haircut and blonde which can suit your lifestyle and personality. The guide below can assist you to know the various blonde highlights which you can get for men.

Blonde undercut


The undercut is one of the best hairstyles for men as it can offer them versatility, polished finished and youthful appearance. It can match all kinds of hair such as straight, curly and wavy hair. This look can allow blonde-haired men to stand out from the crowd as it adds an additional look to the normal hairstyle.

Blonde pompadour

With a stylish and sleek blonde pompadour, you can boast around that you are indeed serious about how your hair looks. It demonstrates that you are dedicated to keeping a sharp appearance. This versatile style is able to shine in any kind of environment.

Blonde Highlights for Men

Blonde man bun

It’s high time for you to unleash your ego and leave the passers-by amazed by having an alluring blonde man bun. Even if your hair is rugged, sun-bleached blonde, dark blonde or platinum, allowing it to grow long so that you wear it as a bun will make many people admire it. If you wish to increase your look, you can pair your man bun with a well-groomed beard.

Short blonde hair

With a short sharp haircut, you can add an element of sophistication to the locks of your blonde highlight. Even if you are traveling along the beach or moving from the office, this versatile look can make you have a stylish look that can suit all environments. This shorter length will emphasize the male masculine features, thereby drawing the attention to the strong jawline and chiseled cheekbones.

Blonde ponytail

There are so many highlight options for men who have long hair. Even though the man bun can be a classic style, a simple ponytail can be the best one. Just like the man bun, this style can transform any man who is blonde-haired to be very attractive. Also, if you wish to add an extra character to your look, you can incorporate some braids on the sides of the head or even decide to plait the ponytail.

Dark blonde hair

The dark blonde hair can present a slightly aesthetic look compared to the classic summer blonde. It usually occurs naturally, especially in the winter season. It can be an effortlessly cool color which when styled properly can elevate one's appearance. If you wish to achieve an on-trend look, you can complement this color with a light, fade and well-groomed beard. Also if you wish to lighten brown locks, you can use this color so that you can have a more gradual transition and later go for a total blonde.

Platinum blonde hair

For dark-haired men who wish to have a dramatic change or men who wish to take their blonde hair to the next step, then they should grab some bleach and prepare to apply platinum. For the past few years, platinum blonde has become famous for street style and catwalks. However, in case you wish to apply this hair trend, then you must ensure that you are guided by your local barber. This is because bleach can damage your skin and hair if you do not use it appropriately. A professional barber will make sure that your hair is treated with maximum care in the entire bleaching process.

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