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Introduction of The Best Hair Replacement Systems in UK

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What are the best hair replacement systems in UK? Recently, when a new customer of Lavivid Hair was buying a wig, he suddenly asked why the British gentleman was wearing a wig. For a while, I didn’t know! So I went back and did my homework. Today, Lavivid Hair will learn this knowledge with everyone. 

According to historians and folklorists, the popular fashion tradition of British gentlemen wearing wigs began around the 12th century. At that time, it was not only the patent of judges and lawyers. The upper class thinks that long wigs are a kind of fashion, and they are regular clothing when attending official events or salon gatherings. 

Here is a point that everyone often overlooks. Lavivid Hair points out that the wigs used in the judicial circle are different from ordinary wigs. In the UK, there are three curls on each side of the judicial wig, but there are only two members of the royal family, which is a subtle metaphor. But the Scots still love the British, because, in Scotland, the situation is just the opposite. 

The royal family has three curly hairs and the judiciary has only two curly hairs. Best hair replacement systems in UK are artificial rather than material, because horse mane is difficult to obtain, and the production of wigs, but the production cost of exquisite life, but can not mass production machines or production lines. The product quality of Lavivid Hairs is of course guaranteed, and they have all selected quality wig materials. 

Previously, a skilled craftsman needed about 44 working hours to make wigs, including weaving and curling. The finished product generally has four colors: white, golden yellow, light gray, and gray. Now Lavivid Hair has a lot more colors than these. In some ancient British colonies, such as West Africa and the Caribbean, white was very popular, while in Britain, gold and gray wigs were the most popular. 

Generally speaking, the most common wig is no less than 300 pounds. When it comes to the best hair replacement systems in UK, the judge’s wig is more than 1,500 pounds (equivalent to about 2,100 dollars, Lavivid Hair can only marvel, not cheap!). 

Most people would rather tolerate lice than change their wigs just because women change their hats. The reason is that they are unwilling to buy multiple wigs. Of course, Lavivid Hair knows that this is just based on a theory. The real reason is that the longer the wig, the dirtier and darker the color, it proves that the longer the time in the legal department. 

In the judicial department, seniority and age are a kind of wealth, just like the old doctors in the hospital are the most respected and recognized. In a sense, older wigs have become a century-old model for lawyers to do business, and judges’ old-fashioned wigs are a sign of trial experience. 

Lavivid Hair also learned that a law student obtained the qualification of a lawyer, and the best gift a family member or friend gave him was a wig made by a celebrity. Many manufacturers are engaged in wigs inherited from the father, even the family, the history of his wig making is longer than the genealogy of some British nobles. 

Customizing wigs is also a process of waiting patiently because the appointment period of many famous craftsmen is a few years later. Even if you can customize it right away, your skull needs to be measured with a ruler at least 12 times during the production process. This is not a requirement of the craftsmen deliberately tossing you, but a requirement of fine craftsmanship. 

Of course, you can buy a ready-made one, but after all, it is not as gentle as a well-designed gift on your smart head, especially if the wig you buy is rude to many legal professionals, just like wearing Jeans attended a solemn party. The British are well-known for their conservative spirit, especially in the judiciary. 

Justice requires precision, even rigidity, emphasizing stability and balance, and less compatibility with individualization. After learning about the causes and consequences of British gentlemen wearing wigs, I just want to say that the current Lavivid Hairs, whether in hair color, style, material, personalized design, or authenticity, are much more than British gentlemen wear. 


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