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How to Choose the Best Hairpieces for Short Hair?

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What causes short hair?

If you look for hairpieces for short hair, you definitely suffer from a condition that hinders your hair from growing. The most common cause of slow hair growth is weak follicles. Follicles are cells found underneath the scalp that keep the hair fibers firmly in place and help them grow. If the follicles are poorly nourished or affected by a scalp infection or harsh chemicals from styling products, they are no more able to ensure a strong support to hair fibers, making them easy to pull off.

Moreover, weak follicles can't grow new hair, which triggers the balding process. Sometimes, the damaged follicles still manage to help the hair grow. However, the hair growth is slower than it should be.

How can I cope with my short hair?

There many ways you can fight hair loss or thinning hair. The most recommended treatment is an iron-rich diet that aims to nourish the follicles and strengthen them so that they are potent enough to keep the hair in place. Medications for hair loss and essential oils are also considered efficient ways of making the hair grow and strengthening it.

Many men, though, choose to cope with their short hair by using a hairpiece. Hairpieces have the role of covering the bald areas on the scalp, making the hair loss problem invisible.

What kind of hairpieces for short hair exist?

Though the ultimate mission of all hairpieces is the same, they are still different. Professionals distinguish between wigs, toppers and frontal pieces. Wigs are generally designed for covering the entire head. They are typically worn by men that have lost their hair completely or have very few fibers on their heads, which don't look good.

If you suffer from short hair only in one area of the scalp, a topper is your best choice. A topper is designed for a partial head coverage, targeting only one area affected by baldness. A frontal piece is a bunch of hair that attaches at the front of the hairline to cover the baldness in the front zone of your scalp.

What are the differences between toppers, wigs and frontal pieces?

Aside from offering a different coverage area, the hairpieces for short hair vary in some other aspects. First of all, they have different ways of application. Toppers are applied using clips that are stabbed into the existing hair. Though the bond is not extremely firm, you don't have to buy additional adhesives to attach the piece as with wigs, unless you participate in activities that imply swift movements, such as: running, dancing, and sports playing.

Since wigs work primarily with bald heads, they don't use clips as they don't have what to stab them into. Generally, wigs are applied using tapes or liquid adhesives. Tapes provide a short-term bond that lasts up to one week, while glues are made for extended wear. Given that tapes offer a weaker bond, they require less effort and time to be removed, while the cement hold provided by the glue entails a more difficult and tedious removal.

Moreover, glues can leave residues that require additional time for being scrubbed off. Speaking of frontal pieces, they are also applied using liquid adhesives or tapes. In the case of these hair systems, precision is extremely important at application, because any mistake, such as visible glue residues or visible tape will look awful since the piece is located right at the front of the hairline.

Also, toppers look more natural than wigs, because they blend with the natural hair of the person. At the same time, this can become an issue, because a wrong application can make the topper contrast with the person's hair, looking awkward, ugly and making you feel embarrassed.

Where can I buy a stylish and durable hairpiece?

If you want your hairpiece to last long, you have to purchase it from a reliable store, such as Lavivid supplies men of any ages and from all walks of life with high-quality hair systems as well as with a wide variety of maintenance products that keep your hair in shape and protect it against threats that might reduce its longevity. Here [], you can view the hairpieces for short hair provided by this supplier.


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