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Options You Have to Treat Hair Thinning at Crown Male

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So you want to know about hair thinning at crown male! Perhaps, you’re battling bald patches on your head. Maybe, you need a solution to cover hair loss problems. No matter the reason, getting familiar with the problem and its causes will let you take preventive measures and keep the issue at bay. Plus, it’ll help you find suitable solutions to curb or minimize the problem.

What is hair thinning at crown male?

hair thinning at crown

Hair thinning at crown has turned out as a major problem among most men. Many folks mistake this problem with hair loss that causes baldness. Hair thinning, however, means thin bald spots on top of your scalp.

Many males fear that hair thinning is irreversible. However, with the right treatment, you can get rid of the condition. Even if the condition goes out of control, you’ve many options to fix the issue.

Causes of male crown hair thinning

Many people have differences of opinions regarding hair thinning. Some folks associate the condition with genetics. On the other hand, certain experts relate the problem with your lifestyle. However, thinning of hair is the result of various reasons.


Genetics is one major cause of hair thinning at crown male. If your ancestors had bald hair, you could be hit by the problem too. Essentially, the issues with the genes are passed to descendants. Just like appearance, genetics can affect how your hairline will look in the future. While you may not see issues in your initial age, the problem could manifest with time.

DHT sensitivity

Sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is another popular reason for hair thinning. However, your sensitivity to DHT is determined by your genetics. The better your genes, the lower the problem will be. It’s that simple. If many people in your family are sensitive to DHT, chances are you’ll have thin hair sooner or later.


Age affects most of the parts of your body, including hair. Your activities slow down due to a slow metabolic rate. That hinders and slows down the flow of blood all through the body. This, in turn, impacts your immunity system as well as the functions of your brain. Consequently, you see thin bald spots on the head.

Smoking and alcohol

These two culprits are known for causing many health conditions. They play their role in hair thinning too. Essentially, drinking and smoking affect the flow of blood within your body. When that happens, it affects hair growth. The obvious consequence is hair loss and thinning issues.


It has been rightly said that happy living brings in loads of happiness. This applies to hair growth too. If you’re happy, it’ll positively impact your hair. Taking too much stress, on the other hand, will only invite hair loss and thinning problems.

The truth is stress has become the major factor in hair thinning and related conditions today. Hectic work schedules and stress impact the health of many people. Stress affects blood flow and brain functioning. Also, it causes heart issues and blood pressure problems. All these conditions magnify and lead to hair thinning.

Solutions for hair thinning at crown male

At this point, you’re familiar with the causes of the problem. Now you’d like to know the solutions to fix the condition. You may eat healthy foods, live a happy life, and quit drinking and smoking to reverse the causes of hair thinning. Besides these simple changes, you need to depend on other treatment options.

Hair systems

Some people opt for surgical procedures. However, surgical techniques are highly risky. Also, any surgery can put a big dent in your budget. So, what alternatives are available for your hair thinning issues? Hair systems are one of the best options to hide imperfections of thin hair.

These systems are made with the most advanced and complex technique. The hair looks like it’s growing from your scalp. Uses don’t face any issues of knotting, matting, or tangling. Ideally, you enjoy the most vivid look with these systems.


If you’re looking for a more affordable option, consider using wigs. All you should do is put on the wig you like on your head. Within no time, you do away with hair thinning or bald patches on your head.

Since wigs are priced in the most economical range, you can buy multiple models. Depending on the occasion and your styling preferences, you may wear different wigs. In this way, you can enjoy a new look on the go.

Hair toupees

Hair toupees are another handy option for hair thinning and related issues. Within minutes, you may cover bald patches and tweak your persona. The best thing about men’s hair toupees is they’re cost-effective. Even an average working person can afford the cost.

Plus, you don’t have to check any brick and mortar office. Just order it online via a reliable outlet such as The service offers a host of options from wigs and hair systems to toupees to suit your personality. Whether you’ve a round-shaped face or an oval-shaped one, there’s a toupee to match your head. You can even buy multiple toupees for different events.

hair thinning at crown male

Just like your clothes, you may put on different hair toupees on different occasions. The options are virtually limitless. It all depends on your preferences and interests. Above all, the service provides valuable advice and solutions on hair loss problems.

Many individuals feel shy or lack information on picking the right wigs. Often such buyers end up with the wrong product. Lavividhair helps such individuals with free of cost advice. Just tell them your preferences and provide your photo. Within minutes, the service will suggest you a couple of toupees matching your preferences and personality. In addition, they also provide base trimming and hair styling services so that you can wear it directly when you receive it.

Bottom line

Hair thinning at crown male can be a real challenge for any man. As well as affecting your personality, thin hair affects your confidence and morale. However, you may keep the problem at bay by assessing the causes and possible solutions. For a quick and easy solution, check out Within no time, you could have your hands on the best hair extensions.


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