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The Current Popular Highlights for Men to Experience

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Currently, highlights for men has gained a lot of popularity as they not only enhance the beauty of haircut but also enable one to look attractive. In the past, it was only women who used to experiment with their hair with various looks and hairstyles. Due to the change in the way of life men have also started to try various kinds of hair colors and highlights so that they can look more handsome. Some of the most popular hair highlights for men this year are as highlighted below.

Caramel highlights

This kind of hair highlights for men can also be the best option for light brown and darker blonds. They are able to make men stand out and also bring some emphasis to their hairstyles. Caramel highlights usually appear fantastic for men who have long hair and are very stylish. Be assured that when you apply them, you will catch the attention of the people around you.

highlights for men

Shades of blonde

If you decide to have fair hair you can add depth and dimension to the turns and twists of wavy hair. If your hair is darker, you will have less contrast between highlights and shadows. A lighter hair will emphasize the contrast, therefore making it the best color for you to see the self-willed

waves. You can also add various tones so that you can offer focus to various layers.

Side pushed quaff

This kind of hair highlight usually suit men who have angular and square faces. This is because it has rounded sides that offer balance to the amazing sharpness which is found in individuals with angular faces. One of the important steps in this creating highlight is the blow-drying of hair. In this case, the natural waves can offer the volume which is required. However, you can decide to add a voluminous product or sea-salt to assist when you are styling your hair.

Gray-whitish highlights

This is also another unique hair highlight for men which has a grayish color all over the head. To achieve this highlight you will be required to trim the side hairs while keeping the top hairs longer. After achieving the haircut, you will then apply the gray-white highlights on the top hairs.

The brown hair highlights

Having brown highlights on reddish hair will enable one to look handsome and catch the r attention of other people. Although this kind of hair highlight was usually applied by women, currently men have started to apply it.

Turquoise blue streaks

This is one of the hair color highlights which is very bold and cool. It normally appears to be remarkable especially on young men. Men can adopt this kind of hair highlight, especially when attending casual functions and parties.

Broken wavy quiff

If you wish to dabble yourself in the idea of the line detailing without going for a full masterpiece, then this fine line idea can be a simple and fresh way for you to achieve this. In this case, a clean line is usually carved on the sides of the hair and then matched with a sharp and clean hairline. This offers good structure to the casual messy top hair.

Curly fringes with taper

This kind of highlight usually looks great especially when natural hair curls are allowed to lie in whichever manner they like. It can best suit men who do not wish to spend a lot of hours blow-drying their hair. However, in this case, one will be required to apply oil or an anti-frizz serum to prevent hair from appearing to be bigger. This hair highlight is the easiest style for shapes of faces that require movement and height on the top.

From the above guide, you can get to know about some of the current hair highlights which are very common. One thing that you must know from the highlights is that you will wish to have a style that will make you have the best look. If you wish to learn more about hair highlights for men, then our site will be appropriate for you. Searching at, you will get to know additional highlight styles which we have combined specifically for you to view and decide which one will suit you.


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