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Would the Scalp Micropigmentation Cause Side Effects?

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Scalp micro pigmentation side effects is the one the first things to look for when deciding to do this procedure. While being performed using ultra-modern devices with safety in mind, scalp micro-pigmentation comes with some side effects. Though happening rarely, you are better off knowing about the adverse reactions that might follow this baldness-fighting procedure.

What is scalp micro-pigmentation?

If it's the first time you hear about this type of baldness treatment, you are here to know something new that may even come you in handy if you suffer from severe hair loss. Well, scalp micro-pigmentation is a procedure of restoring the scalp's fullness. It is performed by an SMP artist using an electric tattoo device and it usually lasts around 4-5 hours. The procedure is a great option for men experiencing complete baldness caused by genetics, chemo or a medical condition. It helps restore confidence and personal style by imitating the presence of hair, at least artificially, if growing it naturally is already impossible.

How is it done?

The scalp micro pigmentation artist penetrates the skin with the tattoo device and implants a dark pigment that mimics the root of a natural hair. The artist applies a pattern of tiny dots that tends to replicate the scalp appearance. For a more natural look, the artist uses different hues of black to imitate exactly the shade effect of a scalp with an extremely short haircut.

If you wonder whether it hurts, well, it depends on each person's pain tolerance. Initially, the SMP artist applies a numb agent that aims at making it hurt less. Still, the needle penetrates the skin pretty deep, so you can experience some sort of discomfort, especially if you are sensitive to pain.

What are the side effects?

As with any other medical procedure, scalp micro pigmentation comes with some risks. While involving deep penetration of a foreign object under the skin, some risks may appear referring to poor quality of ink or non-sterile needle. The most likable medical side effects include infections caused by ink, allergies related to certain components from the pigment, itching skin, redness and swollen lymph nodes. There is also another category of side effects. We would call them technical side effects, which include: pigment turning blue, rapid pigment fading and too large dots. Let's analyze them closer.

1. Itchy skin

Itching is a natural occurrence that happens as a result of the healing process of the scars created by the needle penetrating the skin. It is not a serious problem and it is expected to go away within 5-10 days after the procedure.

2. Swollen lymph nodes

Some clients report lumps after the end of the treatment session. This may have to do with an infection in the lymph nodes caused by a non-sterile needle or ink. That said, you are recommended to choose your practitioner carefully, spending your time on knowing more about his training background and reviews from previous customers.   

3. Redness

Redness is another insignificant side effect, arising naturally during the scar healing process. It usually goes away within 2 days after the procedure.  

4. Too large dots

Shortly after the procedure, you may get the impression that the dots became larger. Still, there is no cause for concern because it is just the scab that forms on the dot during the healing process. The scab contains pigment, which is the reason it looks larger. Within one week, the scab will fall and the dot will come back to its normal size.

5. Dots turned blue

Dots may seem blue for two reasons. It can be a poor-quality ink or an unprofessional penetration technique that deposits the pigment too deep, making it break down and switch its color to blue. Also, the dot may seem blue because of the skin that works as a filter altering the visual perception of the deeply deposited pigment. In this case, you need to find a reputed and trained SMP artist that would send the needle at the proper depth.

To sum up, if you are about to do scalp micro pigmentation, be ready to experience the following side effects: redness, itching, infection and swollen lymph nodes. Besides medical side effects, your scalp is expected to experience some technical side effects, such as too large dots and pigment turning blue. 


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