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Whether the Shampoos would Cause Hair Loss?

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Most people trust the shampoo they are buying, but few know there are some shampoos that cause hair loss. Many shampoo brands promise healthy, shiny and well-nourished hair if used regularly. These beauty products can contain aggressive chemicals that deteriorate the hair fiber so much that they cause hair loss. Usually, the damage is progressive and the hair loss is not very noticeable. We must control the health of our hair since it is difficult to reverse this problem.

When hair loss should concern you

Keep in mind that losing hair on a daily basis is normal. An individual can lose up to 100 hairs per day. Then the scalp renews itself and the hair grows back. However, if you lose more than 100 hairs a day and you notice that you don't get it back you should start to worry. There are also other bad signs to look out for dry, bristly or too greasy hair. 

How to realize that your shampoo is causing your hair loss

At first, it's hard to tell that a shampoo is causing your hair loss. To find out you should evaluate your shampoo for about three weeks. Keep in mind that a shampoo, even if it has toxic components, can leave your hair soft, hydrated and shiny. Hair loss due to the shampoo you use occurs two to three weeks after you first use it. If you've used a shampoo during this time and you notice that you have more hair than before it's because the shampoo is hurting you.

Shampoos that cause hair loss: the most harmful components

Before buying a shampoo you should read carefully what components it has. If it has any of the following chemicals, you should not buy it.

-Silicones: many shampoos that cause hair loss contain silicones because these substances leave the hair soft and silky. Unfortunately, these substances damage the hair in the long run. In addition, silicones are harmful to the environment because the residues stay in the water systems for a long time.

-Sulfate: according to several scientific studies, sulfate inflames the scalp and dermis in the long term. Its toxicity level is so high that it leaves hair dry and porous. The sulfate destroys the proteins that the hair needs to grow. In addition, it completely removes the natural oils from the hair, which protects it from the aggressions of the environment.

-Highly scented shampoos: some shampoos that cause hair fall contain very pleasant fragrances, which is a trap. Scented shampoos produce hormonal imbalances that damage the scalp and cause hair loss. The worst thing is that this kind of shampoos is related to other serious problems, like attention deficit, asthma and several skin problems.

-Methylisothiazolinone: these substances are used to preserve the components of the shampoo, preventing the appearance of fungi and bacteria. What you should know is that this component is neurotoxic, producing a strong allergy in the individual that leads to hair loss.

-Parabens: These are chemicals substances that act as shampoo preservatives. If this kind of shampoo is used for a long time, it causes hair loss. Parabens are so toxic that they have been linked to breast cancer.

-Propylene Glycol: this substance helps the hair fiber to assimilate all the components of the shampoo. It is highly aggressive and irritates the skin. Although it has a soft and pleasant consistency, it is actually toxic and produces hair fall.

-Diethanolamine: these chemicals deteriorate the hair from the beginning. In the medium term, it destroys keratin, which is the most important component of hair. Little by little the hair becomes porous and brittle, triggering hair loss.

-Sodium chloride: salt is present in many shampoos that cause hair loss. These types of shampoos damage the hair from the first time they are used. The damage is progressive and difficult to cure.


Shampoos that cause hair fall contain chemicals that destroy the hair fiber. The only way to be prevented is to read carefully what ingredients it has. A toxic shampoo hurts the capillary fiber from the first wash and the damage is progressive. Never choose a shampoo just because of its brand or popularity. Choose shampoos that have natural ingredients, because they will never harm you.

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