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The Best Solutions of Hair Loss for Men

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Hair loss solutions for men are a very hot topic nowadays. Unfortunately many of us are cursed with poor genetics when it comes to growing and maintaining a full head of hair, the scientific term for this is 'alopecia'. While others laugh at the notion of future hair loss, there are many men who are struggling because of this every single day. Around 85% of all men tend to have much thinner hair by the time they are 50. This can be a terrifying reality, especially if you are younger and your hair is already thinning out. Luckily though we live in a world full of practical solutions to difficult problems and today we are bringing you some of the best.

Anti-Hair Loss Cream For Men

Hair Loss Cream

I can hear all the males out there thinking to yourself: What can creams do to help me, I'm sure they all just fake snake oil? While it is true that many brands will promise you luscious shiny hair like you once had in your youth in as little as three days, we are trying to steer clear of these types of assertions. Hair loss does not usually happen overnight and so the solution will also not be so simple either. What you want to do is go to your local pharmacy or doctor and ask for a cream containing minoxidil. According to minoxidil has the ability to prevent and even to reverse hair loss in certain cases. It is often prescribed as a topical lotion under different brand names.

The way it works is through a simple four step, scientifically documented, process. First it increases the size of miniaturized pours, making room for potential hair regrowth. Then it increases blood flow to the area suffering from hair loss followed by it stimulating follicle growth. As if this wasn't fantastic enough minoxidil also extends follicle growth duration making them last longer than usual and allowing your hair the time it needs to become thick and strong. So if you are really serious about hair loss solutions for men then give minoxidil a try.

Surgery For Fighting Dissipating Hair

In some cases surgery may be necessary to fully overcome hair loss. Though it sounds like an extreme solution for a lot of people it may be worth looking at as a possible alternative. According to a clinical psychological study published on 62% of men agreed that losing their hair could affect their self-esteem in a negative way. This shows that finding treatments is becoming exceedingly important to reduce the risk of mental health problems in men. Therefore, if you are a man then surgery may actually be a good option for you! Men tend to respond better to surgical treatment because on average their hair loss is limited to one or two areas of the scalp. There are currently a few different treatments available:

One is called scalp reduction and replaces hairless scalp with skin that has more hair. More specifically, an area of the scalp is surgically removed and then neighboring scalp that has hair is stretched over the empty spot. Unfortunately this procedure has side effects such as swelling, bruising and headaches. Another and far less invasive method is laser growth treatment. This method utilizes light technology to stimulate hair growth although its effectiveness is often called into question.

men's wig

Hair Wigs - The Easiest Male Hair Loss Solution

Finally we come on to the simplest, yet most undesirable solution for most people - the hair wig. Many of us carry an intrinsic rejection of wigs but we are here to tell you that it may be utterly misplaced. When we think of wigs what often comes to mind are comedic, unfitting toupees that fly off the head of our least favourite TV villain. However while this portrayal of wigs may be funny, it is very far from the type of close-fitting wig technology that is available today. For men who are actively seeking hair loss solutions it may be worth seeing a specialist about getting a personally fitted wig as the shape, size and hair color can be altered in order to perfectly match your skin disposition and scalp structure. Out of all the solutions listed it is also the least invasive and comes with virtually no side effects, making it the perfect solution to those who are naturally risk-averse.


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