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Why The Red Hair Dye Becomes The Trending?

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For the past few years, red hair dye ideas have got a lot of attention from many people. This is because red colors have a high impact and are currently trending. For you to get a perfect match, you must look for the right red dye which can match your hairstyle and complexion. If you have ever thought of applying a red hair dye, then the guide below can be of great assistance to you.


i) Mahogany hair color

This striking color is elegant and bold, therefore, it can be the best for individuals who wish to create a luxurious look. It can also be the best choice for individuals who have cool undertones and medium or fair complexions.

ii) Ginger red hair color

This hair dye can be the best match for women who like having natural-looking red shade which has a touch bold. It suits individuals who have brown or green eyes and fair skin.

iii) Bright red hair color

Normally, intense and bright red hair dye is meant for extremely bold individuals. This is because it’s a high impact color which usually draws a lot of attention when roaming around. Although this dye is amazing, you must maintain it regularly so that you can continue having a good look.

iv) Blue red hair color

This is a shade of red color that has blue undertones. Even if you cannot easily notice the blue color; in this case, it serves as the base in enriching the red color. It’s a cool color compared to other types of red hair dyes which orange.

v) Aubergine red hair dye

This hair dye has a distinctive shade which makes it appear dramatic. This dye is usually a dark red shade and it suits well individuals who have green or blue eyes and cool skin tones.

vi) Amber red hair dye

Golden orange color can blend with some specks of brown and red color to create an amber red color. Since it’s a warm color it will match well with fair skin tone and any kind of eye color.

vii) Red copper hair dye

It’s an intense and rich color that is blended from orange or brown and red color. It best suits individuals with medium and fair complexions, golden or peach undertones and green or blue eyes. It is highly fashionable and matches well with individuals who do not like a lot of attention. It can appear attractive especially when it’s paired with dark eyes and dark complexions.

viii) Violet red hair dye

This is a tropical dye which involves a combination of purple and red colors. 

ix) Maroon hair dye

This is a combination of crimson or rich red and dark brown colors. Individuals who have olive, dark or medium skin tones can consider applying this hair dye so that they can have an amazing look.

x) Peach pastel

In case you have long wavy hair and you wish to make it more incredible, then you can try applying this hair dye. This kind of color usually matches well with neutral or fair skin tones and any length of hair.

xi) Burgundy hair dye

This is an eye-catching and intense hair dye which comprises of a hint of purple and a shade of red color. This good-looking color is the best for individuals who have dark or medium complexions which include olive skin tones and also icy blue or brown eyes.

xii) Cherry brown hair dye

This hair color contains a good looking blend of intense brown and rose red. Thus, this dark and cool dye usually matches well with dark and medium complexions that have brown eyes and cool undertones.

Red hair dye ideas are so many such that you cannot exhaust all of them. The above are among the few which have been tried and found to offer gorgeous looks. However, if you wish to know more about these products and others then you can try visiting our official website ( and searching in it, also you can send emails to to get help. In our site, we have pictures for you to know how you will look like once you start to apply the above red hair dyes. Just try the red hair dyes ideas highlighted above and you will see how amazing your look will be.


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