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The Reason for Hair Loss at 14 Male and How to Treat It

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Hair loss at 14 male is a rare occurrence, still some men experience it. Teenager hair fall happens because of several reasons. In some cases, the person's irresponsible behavior is to blame, other times the hair falls because of medical factors that step in. In this article, we will help you understand what causes this condition and how to fight it successfully. 

Why teenagers experience hair fall?

There are two stages of human life when hair is more predisposed to fall. It is obviously the senior age, when the old and weak hair fibers start falling, because of lack of nutrition and support. The second stage is when you are a teenager. Teenager's hair can't fall that easily, still, the hair fibers don't receive as much support as to withstand different threats. If you wonder what causes hair loss at 14 male, there are several factors that trigger this condition.    

1. Intense rubbing and pulling

The most popular cause of teenager hair loss is exaggerated rubbing while washing the hair. Your hair at 14 has not reached yet a reliable support and the fiber roots are not that deep under the skin, and when you massage the hair with too much vigor, it comes closer than ever to being pulled out. The same happens when you switch to a harsher brush. While trying to detangle a hair knot, the brush creates much friction, applying extreme pressure on the hair roots. This can end up in pulling out the weak fibers. 

2. Exaggerated styling  

Under-developed teenage hairs would not be happy to experience much styling. The use of such devices as hairdryers, curlers and straighteners is dangerous for the hair's health. For example, by using a hairdryer on daily basis, you overdry the hair, making it less flexible and easy to break. The same holds for heat devices, as heat is a sworn enemy of weak teenage hairs. Tight hairstyles, like buns, maybe also a cause of hair fall at 14 men


3. Scalp poor nutrition

Inadequate nutrition makes follicles work not as intense as they should. Without vital elements, like iron, proteins and vitamins, the follicles grow the hair at a slower pace and offer poor support to the hair shafts, which results in breakage if you mistreat your head of hair. A malnourished scalp is also more vulnerable to infections, which affect even the healthy fibers. 

4. Hormonal problems

As we all know, teenagers have an unstable and unpredictable hormonal background. There is a high risk of a disruption in the hormonal activity that can lead to unexpected results. One of the possible surprises that a teenager can experience is alopecia areata. It is a hair condition where the immune system attacks its own body, specifically the follicles, destroying them and causing hair to fall in patches in certain areas of the scalp, without chance of growing back. 

How to treat hair loss at 14 male?

We would mention first the passive ways of treating the teenager's hair fall. You don't have to do anything, rather you have to avoid some activities. You need to keep yourself from rubbing the hair energetically while washing it, give up on excessively using hair styling devices, as well as forget about hair bleaching for a while. A good method of strengthening hair follicles and fibers is to start a wholesome diet, rich in iron, calcium, proteins, fatty acids and vitamins. Foods that you want to include in your daily regimen are red meat, liver, cereals, leafy vegetables, eggs, nuts and many more.  

Wig wearing as a way to fight teenager baldness

If you allow the condition to develop, it may affect your scalp aesthetically. The bald patches may make it look embarrassing and unattractive. If you end up in such trouble, a wig may be your savior. You can wear it permanently to cover your bald spots, or temporarily until the medicines or the diet is taking its effect. In any case, you should remember that new hair growth takes around a month. You don't want to feel embarrassed all this time. That's why you are better off wear a wig until the issue is solved.

To conclude, male teenager hair fall is a rare event, but it happens sometimes if you mistreat your hair. To combat this condition, you have to start a nutrient-rich diet, give up on excessive use of styling products, tight hairstyles and intense hair rubbing. You can also wear a wig or a partial-coverage hair system to hide the bald patches on the scalp and regain self-confidence.  


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