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LaVivid Oceanus Men's Toupee and Customer Honest Review

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LaVivid Oceanus men’s toupee has poly skin in the back and 1" of French Lace in the front. The French Lace in the front has had the knots bleached, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing straight from your scalp. The Skin PU in the back makes the hair piece durable and easy to apply and remove.

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Oceanus has 130% hair density which is quite a lot of hair and it is suitable for young people who are in their 20s or early 30s. Lace Front with invisible knots, giving you a natural-looking hairline and the illusion that the hair is growing straight from your scalp. 

Ivan is a hair system stylist himself, and here is how he reviews LaVivid Oceanus hair system.

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Here is how Ivan says about LaVivid Oceanus hair system:

I am making this review for the system I got from LaVivid Hair. Mine is in the color 1C, and it is very black and matches with my own hair and it looks super natural.

I'm a licensed hairdresser in Hollywood and I've been wearing hair units for a good two years now and I also provide hair system fitting service to my clients. The reason I decided to make this for you is because I am totally in love with this unit. I do have tested a few hair pieces from different companies and I have noticed some differences with this company units versus other companies that I used.

I really like this pieces because this one has a full poly inside which means there is no lace in the interior the only lace is in the hairline which I think gives a very natural hairline. One thing I find out with lace units is that when you have lace glued down and when you remove it for maintenance, you flip it over, either you use alcohol or adhesive remover,  whatever you put preferred method to use, whenever I would scrub with a cotton pad, a lot of hair is pulled out to the bottom. So it can only last two months at most and there will be bald spots and thinning areas and it just not working out. The price is pricy and only last for a short period of time.

So I found LaVivid and I ordered the Oceanus hair system and I absolutely love it. There is zero shedding in the interior because it is all poly. There is no way for the hair to go through the base. If you want a unit that's durable and can last you more than 2 months, this is the one for you. This system is still in super full hair and I’ve had it for 2 months. I love it and I like the kind of very the textured look and this works for me. I wash it twice a week. Some people wash it a lot less which is fine. This is just my preference and it's lasted a while for it to be useful for 2 months. I can't tell you another brand that I've used that that has the same durability as this one. I highly recommend LaVivid hair. And I am very glad to cooperate with LaVivid Hair.

Visit or contact their customer service through to pick a right style and look beautiful again.


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