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What Factors Influence Men's Hairpiece Cost?

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Men's hairpiece cost can differ a lot given the huge variety of wigs that exists on the market. There are several factors that determine the male wig price. We are here to make you familiar with them to help you manage your budget before buying a hairpiece. 

1. Natural or synthetic

A feature that dictates the price of a wig is its fiber material. Normally, you will have to pay significantly more for a human hair as it is considered higher-quality and having a more natural look. Human hair is also friendly to styling, which allows you to make plenty of hairstyles every day. If you like to change your haircut often, natural fiber is what you need. Synthetic hair doesn't change its initial shape and it has a shorter lifespan, hence its lower price. 

2. Straight or curly

The texture is also a major determinant in the wig pricing policy. A straight hair wig will cost you less, because it is easier to make. Creating a curly hair though, requires more effort and modern machines to curl up the hair. The same goes for other textures. The more sophisticated the style of the wig, the more you will have to pay.

3. Color

The color also influences the men's hairpiece cost significantly. You will have to pay less for black or brown hair since they are common colors. They are easy to collect, as there are a lot of donors with these color tones. Things are getting a bit complicated when we take a look at exotic color hair systems, for example, orange wigs. If it's human hair, the manufacturer will spend much time on collecting the needed amount of hair from donors. Since the color is not widespread, the royalty paid to the donor will be more generous, hence the higher final price of the hairpiece. 

If it's synthetic hair, the manufacturer will have to invest in paint to dye the hair. In this way, even if you buy a synthetic wig, its exotic color will raise its price, so you have to be ready to sacrifice some extra bucks on your fancy look. 

4. Length

It's more than obvious that length affects the men's hairpiece cost. The longer the hair, the more you have to pay. But given the huge difference the material makes, you may find that a short human hair wig costs almost the same as a long synthetic hairpiece.

5. Thickness and density

The thickness of one hair fiber means the length of its circumference. The thicker the strands, the weightier the wig, which ultimately affects the bill. However, the hair density also has a word to say in this equation. In a high-density wig the fibers are positioned extremely close to each other, so much that the scalp is not visible.

A low-density wig is designed with the hair fibers placed at a distance from each other, which makes the scalp readily visible. Since they use less hair fibers, low-density wigs are supposed to be less pricey. But density is interconnected with thickness. So a low-density wig may cost more than it should be if it has thick fibers.

6. Custom wig

The hair systems you buy in the stores are pre-styled and ready to use. Their cost is lower than the cost of customized wigs, which the manufacturer begins to make only when you place an individual order. In a bespoke wig, the base size, the base shape, the color and the style are customized to your needs and taste. It means that it will fit your head excellently and satisfy your style preferences. You get exactly what you want, which doesn't always happen with ready-to-use wigs which can be too large or styled differently than you would like. However, will have to pay more for this luxury.

Bottom line

Men's hairpiece cost depends on its features. You will have to pay more for human hair, thick and highly-dense hair, curly texture, long wig, exotic color wig and custom hairpiece. In most cases, paying more means getting a higher-quality product. So don't hesitate to make a major investment, in the beginning, to prevent replacing the wig over and over later. 


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