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What Factors Decide the Price of Wig?

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There are several factors that create man wig price. You can analyze these price driving elements before buying a wig to predict how much you will have to pay and organize your budget. It may come as a surprise the multitude of factors that affect the male hair system cost. Read this article to learn about each one and get the average pricing of male wigs on the market. 

1. Human hair vs synthetic hair

You should be ready to pay more for a wig made from human hair. The main reason is that the hair is collected from human donors. This process takes time because sometimes they need to harvest hair from several donors to create a wig. This especially holds for wigs of rare colors. Then, each donor has to be paid, which ultimately affects the price of the final product. Synthetic fibers are easier to manufacture, hence, their lower cost. 

2. Type of base

The base is an essential element of a wig and it affects the price significantly. The cheapest base is an open cap, which consists of a pattern of stripes with gaps in between them. This base allows for much ventilation, but it loses a lot in terms of durability. The most expensive bases are monofilament and front lace. Monofilament is durable and imitates the human skin color which gives the impression that the hair is growing directly from the wearer's scalp. This material is also praised for being soft at touch and offering a pleasant feel while reducing the risk of skin irritation and itching to a minimum. 

Lace front has an added value for making your hairline look natural. The hairline section of the base is hand-tied so that each fiber freely moves in all directions and looks as genuine as possible. The lace also allows for intense air circulation under the wig, which keeps the scalp healthy and prevents excess sweating.

3. Length

This comes without saying. The longer the hair, the more hair on the wig, and the more pricey the latter. But there is also a trick in all that. For example, a long wig made of synthetic fiber may be cheaper than a short wig made of human hair fiber. As you can see, the material affects a lot the man wig price. 

4. Hair density

Hair density is another factor that has a say in setting man wig price. There is a variety of wig hair densities for sale today. It is more than obvious that a wig with higher density will have you pay more. For one, it's because there are more fibers on it. Secondly, there is more work in ventilating the fibers into the lace. You must choose the hair density depending on the environment where you live, as well as on your scalp chemistry. If you live in a hot area or your scalp sweats much, you are better off choosing a low-density wig to allow your scalp to breathe. 

5. Color  

The color doesn't influence a lot the price of the wig, still, to some extent it does. If you choose a hairpiece of an exotic color, it's more than probable that you will have to pay some extra bucks for it. The added value is explained by the necessity to look for donors, which can be a long-lasting process.

Man wig price 

We are going to offer to you now an average pricing of man wigs on the modern market, irrespective of low-quality wigs. If focusing our attention only on high-quality hair systems, the price ranges from $250 to $400. The cost depends on the factors we've mentioned above and you can rest assured you make all your money from buying a wig from this category. Even synthetic hairpieces made after an advanced technology look naturally and are durable, being fully worth the investment. 

To sum up, man wig price is influenced by several factors. You are expected to pay more for a human hair wig with a front lace or monofilament base. A longer and higher-density hair will also make the wig more pricey, as well as the color. If you choose an exotic color, it means more effort to collect the hair, hence, a higher price. 


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