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How to Make A Choice between Thin Skin or Lace Base?

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If you are one of the people who are constantly losing hair and can practically see their hair thinning, then you are surely not the only one. A huge number of the male population is facing this traumatizing situation, resulting from many factors. To overcome any situation, the first thing to do is to find the root cause behind it. This kind of balding and hair loss can be the reason behind hormonal imbalances, depression, anxiety, stress disorder, or the most common reason that is genetically inherited male pattern baldness. 


And if you are one of the people who are losing hair due to stress and anxiety, losing hair can trigger the situation, causing you to lose hair in even more bulk and start a loop of hair fall and stress. This is why it is important to figure out the exact reason behind your hair fall so that it is easier for you to address the situation accordingly and get rid of the hair fall issue once and for all.


Even though this has been an ongoing issue and hair fall in men dates back to the era of pharaohs, there is still no cure to stop hair fall completely or bring back any hair fall due to any illness or disease. None of the medicines that claim to grow your hair back merely works until you keep using them, and once you stop, you will be right where you started from. To sum it up, there is no perfect cure for baldness, but over the past year, hair replacement systems are gaining popularity due to their easy-going and natural nature that will make you feel like you have your hair back again!

A generic hair system is made up of skin material or lace material for the base, which can easily be attached to the scalp with the help of adhesives or tapes. These wigs or toupees are now available in many different qualities with amazing characteristics and unique styles. You can find out just the perfect match for yourself, but to do that, you need to accurately assess your needs and wants and what look you want to achieve with your hair system.

With the recent advancements in the materials and the methods of making hair systems, wigs, and toupees, you will get results in no time and without any waiting! You might find yourself asking, is the lace skin worth it? And the answer is yes! It is the best choice out there for you because it is not just light weighted and natural but also one of the most durable and easy to put on type of hair systems! But to make an informed choice you need to know a few things because now you don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to looking your best self!

A Modern Hair Replacement System

Human or synthetic hair is hand-woven onto a specific base material, such as lace or skin material, to create a hair system. The base is then attached to the person's head using the chosen form of attachment like a tape or adhesive and then trimmed and merged to blend it in. You can choose the kind of adhesive according to your choice and what suits you better.

What Is It Like?

When it comes to a hair replacement system, it can be customized to its very core. It all depends on how much you know what you want and what characteristics you want your hair system to have. From hair color to texture to the hair's length on your wig, everything can be customized precisely to what you want it to look like! You can choose between different kinds of bases and hair material and figure out the best option for yourself depending on your lifestyle and what kind of climate you reside in.

To find out the perfect choice, you need to know is the lace skin worth it. And the only way to find out is to educate yourself and then experiment a bit to find the best choice! 

Thin Skin Lace Hair Systems: Pros and Cons

Thin Skin:

Thin skin is a strong polyurethane hair system base material that appears like a contact lens. Since the base is non-porous, it does not allow air, water, or sweat to move through. However, it is comfortable and easy, and it looks so natural because it molds your scalp.

Thin skin replacement systems have compelling front hairlines and even have looped ventilation at the front that allows extra comfort and easiness to the wearer. With appropriate care and treatment, the hair system's life expectancy is estimated to be about 13 weeks, increasing even more if you are extra careful with your wig or toupee.


Fine Lace:

A fine lace hair system is impossible to detect and comfortable. Another non-surgical hair replacement choice is this beautifully knitted piece of mesh. Hair is hand-tied onto a fine multifilament synthetic thread. The lace hair system, toupee, or wig is comfortable to wear, and you can even wash your hair while wearing it.

Swiss, French, or Hollywood lace base systems are the most popular ones in the range that are being used right now all over the world. All of them are convenient and long-lasting, and they come in a variety of sizes. There may be a slight bump in the front hairline region where the materials meet; the appearance is still fine but not as natural as with a Thin Skin system.

Whether it is thin skin or lace hair systems, Lavivid offers you the widest range of hair systems that are not just comfortable and natural but also easy on the budget! Don’t waste any more time and get your right now from!


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