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The Popular Hairstyles You Can Have with A Thick Hair System

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Everybody who talks about hair systems on youtube or other social media channels, they give low scores for medium density or comparatively thick hair units. Light or extra light densities are favored at the same time. They think low density hair units look more natural and they won’t even consider a medium density hair unit as an option. However, the truth is that most hair system salons who have been in this business for many years, they prefer a thick base and comparatively thick hair density. Today I am going to show you how a salon turn a thick hair unit to be the most natural looking hair.

LaVivid Apollo Hair System

Apollo is the strongest and most durable style among mono hair systems. Apollo has 3"x3.5" fine mono in the center and wide poly with gauze in the perimeter. The poly skin area measures 2" in the front, 2.5" on the temples, 3.5" on the sides and 4" in the back. Whether you are wearing it during sleep, showering or when you work out, it will stay on your head securely. If you are going through hair loss, give Apollo a try and you will be amazed at what it can bring to you.

Hairstyles you can go with Apollo

Rachel in Beverly, UK applied the hair systems for her clients. The hair systems used for the below three clients are all LaVivid Apollo hair systems.

Apollo has medium density hair and people think the hair is too thick and doesn’t look natural at all. However, Rachel here shows you how natural it can look on a person no matter how old you are.

This is Apollo in #17 Darkest Beige blonde color. The hair looks super nice and it looks just like his own hair.

This is Apollo in #2 darkest brown color. The blending is done perfectly.


This is Apollo in #365 Dark brown with 65% grey hair color. A great blending too.

Apollo can give you more opportunities for different hairstyles. You also can expose your hairline with Apollo with no problem at all. Check the below picture. Enzo likes wearing this hairstyle.

All in all, a medium density or a thick hair system can also look natural on you as long as it is cut and styled by a professional barber or stylist.

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