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How to Find the Stock Toupees in the Color You Need?

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Well, when you read this article, you must be one of them who are looking for stock hair systems in the color you need all over the world. Why everyone keeps saying sorry it is out of stock now and custom orders take forever to finish. What happened? 

For men's hair systems, more than 80% of the production is carried out in Asia. COVID really affected global supply chains and an important part of the hair system production is in shut down for 8 months now and it is still closed. This affected the hair system production tremendously. During this period of time, hair system distributors almost sold out their stocks and right now all of them only have a very limited amount of hair units left.

Here at LaVivid, for our old style hair systems, they are almost running out of stock. However, we managed to make some new style hair systems available for you.

1B Off Black Stock Toupee

Felix is categorized as a mono hair system because the greater part of its base is monofilament. It has 1.5” poly on the sides and the back, 1” poly in the front, and a 1” lace material in the front hairline.
The mono-material allows your scalp to breathe freely, and the lace front offers you a beautiful front hairline. You can wear your hair back to expose the hairline.

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#2, #3 and #5 Colors Stock Toupees

Brad is a brown mono hair system, and it has a combined base of mono and poly around the perimeter. The poly in the perimeter measures 1”, and the base cannot be cut if it is too large for you. It comes in four base size options of 6''x8'', 6''x9'', 7''x9'' and 7''x10''. Please choose the closest size when you place your order.

#6 and #7 Color Stock Toupees

Here at LaVivid Hair, the Harry lace hair system is the only stock unit that comes with ‘A’ contoured front hairline.

Harry comes in a default size of 8” (width - from left to right) x 10” (length - from front to back), and it can be cut smaller to exactly match your own size.
Regarding the base construction, Harry is made of French lace and 2.5” poly in the sides and back. This base structure makes this hair unit more durable and stronger than a full lace base. The lace material used on the base makes the unit totally breathable, and it is a good choice for people who work out frequently, sweat a lot, or have an oily scalp.
The hair density is at 100%. It is not too thin or too thick. This hair density works for all ages.

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