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The Introduce of Color Depositing Conditioner

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Color depositing conditioner will save you from unnecessary salon trips. Having freshly dyed hair is amazing, but after a few washes, you might notice that your hair has lost the vibrancy and is getting dull. This is completely normal, a budget-friendly solution to this is the color-depositing conditioner. It does what it says, the conditioner contains pigments which can both make your dye job vibrant again and also reduce unwanted tones. As these conditioners don’t tend to include ingredients like peroxide or ammonia, they are safe to use at home but will only deposit a certain amount of pigment.

The purpose of this conditioner is to maintain and keep your dyed hair looking vibrant for as long as possible. It is not a substitute for a dye job. This conditioner is especially helpful if you have dyed your hair to a color that is saturated and distinct, electric blue being an example. The conditioner can also reduce the emergence of brassy tones in blonde or grey color-treated hair.

It can be used in a variety of ways; either weekly or as a substitute for the conditioner in your routine. Each brand of conditioner will have its own instructions, it is very important to follow these as using the conditioner too much can lead to hair damage or a complete change in color.

Should I use a color depositing conditioner?

As mentioned, the conditioner is typically for saturated dyed hair, although different conditioners exist for different colors and finishes. On more traditional colors such as brown or blonde, the conditioner will provide a more subtle finish, such as gloss or luster. Before deciding to purchase a conditioner, it is useful to find the one most suited to your eye color, to prevent any unwanted effects.  The Eva Fabuloso range produces intensifying conditioners for both dark and blonde hair. It is also important to know what tone your hair dye is, as some conditioners intensify warm tones and others, cool tones. Knowing the difference will allow the most satisfactory results.

How do I use the color depositing conditioner?

Again, ensure to follow the directions on your own conditioner, as each formula varies in strength and intensity. Below are instructions you can use as a general guide to using the conditioner. Tip: consider making the switch to sulfate-free hair products. Sulfates will only strip your hair of dye faster.

To start, follow our usual shampooing routine. It is helpful to use shampoos specifically for dyed hair, as they are also a step towards maintaining your dye job.

Next, use your color depositing conditioner just like you would use a normal conditioner. Make sure the conditioner has covered your hair evenly, from root to strand. Then, follow the instructions on the specific conditioner to get the best results. Tip: to distribute the conditioner if you have thick/textured hair, divide your hair into small sections, and condition each section individually.

The care doesn’t end here! You can use many other hair products aimed towards color-treated hair such as serums, toners & hair masks.

What else can I do to make the color last?

Here is a list of things you can do to help the color stay longer:

Don’t go out in the sun too much, as it can bleach the hair. Consider wearing a hat.

Going to the swimming pool as chlorine also bleaches the hair. Wearing a swimming cap or keeping your head out of the water should be effective, however.

Shampoo less. If you have straight hair, chances are you probably wash your hair pretty frequently. As a lot of shampoos contain chemicals such as sulfates that can strip your hair, it is worth cutting back or investing in sulfate-free shampoos.

When washing your hair, make sure the water is not too hot. This will affect the color of your hair and will also cause frizz if you have textured hair.

Invest in treatments! Leave in conditioner, heat protectant spray, oils. Your hair needs as much nourishment as it can get! 

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