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The Introduce of Knot Sealer

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A knot sealer helps protect your lace wigs for longer. It typically comes in a liquid spray form and adds a protective layer to the knots so that they do not become undone or damaged as a result of wear. The knots on a lace wig refer to the way each hair strand is meticulously attached to the lace piece. The knots in the lace wig are more visible when the hair is darker, they look like small black dots. 

The sealer makes your wigs less likely to shed, and also ensure proper fitting without the need to over-adjust your wig-piece. Using the sealer is a preventative measure, in the long run, you are ensuring that your lace wigs remain at their best quality for longer. In this article, I will explain how to use the sealer, how it works, and what else you can do to make sure your wigs remain at their best.

Along with using the sealer, it is important to dedicate time to the general maintenance of your lace wig. Make sure to regularly cleanse your wig of any build-up, which can also affect the condition of the knots. Along with cleansing, also use conditioner, it will reduce any frizz & tangles in the wig which could also weaken the knots.

Another rule to follow here is regarding knot bleaching. Sometimes, people bleach their knots to create a more ‘natural’ look. This only weakens the knots and reduces its general quality long-term. Bleach is a very harsh chemical and should not be used in this way. If you feel that you want to go ahead and continue to bleach your knots, please do consult a hairstylist who can advise you and potentially help you out.

How to apply knot sealer?

Before applying the knot sealer, make sure your wig piece is shampooed, conditioned, and most importantly, dry. Once this is done, turn the wig so that the lace piece is on top, facing you. Then spray a layer of sealer evenly across the lace. The key here is to not apply too much yet ensure that all areas are covered. While you are spraying, make sure to take precautionary measures and not get the spray anywhere near your eyes. You could even wear gloves to minimize the chance of the spray affecting you. 

After the first layer, wait for ten minutes for it to dry before repeating the exact process on the lace area again. When re-applying the sealer, focus on the areas you tend to manipulate the most or apply the most product to. These areas will be protected more strongly from any potential damage. Once this layer is also done, you’re set! If you continue to clean your wigs and use the sealer every now and then, you are preserving and getting the most out of your wigs. 

This is very handy, especially for pieces you just want a bit of extra time with.

Different brands of knot sealer 

As with many products, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the exact brand of the product you need. It can also be quite a daunting process, which is why I will provide details below of two tried and tested brands of sealer which come highly recommended. 

The first is the Walker Tape Top-Loc sealer, which can be used on both lace and mesh hair systems, it is definitely worth the buy. This sealer can be used on a variety of headpieces, including wigs and toupees. It can be used on a regular basis and is also safe for the skin. 

The second is the TDi Fast Trak sealer, which along with sealing knots, can also be used to seal tape tabs. It is applied as a regular sealer is, and as it is alcohol-based, it dries quickly with a clean finish. Both these sealers are worth the buy and will allow you to keep your wig pieces maintained with a lustrous finish. Sealers are straightforward and easy to use, even for wig beginners. Let your wigs speak for you.

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