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Things You Need to Know about Male Toupee

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A male toupee is a partial wig or hairpiece made of synthetic or natural hair. Normally it is worn by men for theatrical purposes as well as to cover partial baldness. Though these hairpieces and toupees are mainly used by male wearers but some women can also use them to cover their partially exposed scalp or to lengthen their existing hair.

How much does a male toupee cost?

The cost of hairpieces for men depends mainly on the type of hair used in them. They are made by using natural human hair as well as synthetic hair. The life expectancy of natural human hair is more than the pieces of synthetic hair. The synthetic hair allows the wearer to style and color the pieces according to the hair he already has.

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Cost of the hairpiece with human hair

The cost of a partial wig made of human hair can be quite higher than that of synthetic hair. You can use it for a long time if you use it carefully. Moreover, it will not be harmful to your scalp if attached to it safely. It can be the best alternative for you if the hair loss is caused due to some medical condition or you are taking some treatment like chemotherapy. Another reason for its higher cost than synthetic hairpieces is its labor-intensive making and maintenance.

The cost of a toupee of human hair may vary between $100 to $2,000 depending upon the density of hair and type of human hair used in it.

Its cost can be higher if you want a piece of hair with 130-150% density to have fuller and thicker hair without waiting for years to grow them naturally.

Hairpieces with virgin human hair can also be higher as they are collected from a single donor and all of their cuticles will run in the same direction to give a more realistic look.

There are two other types of human hair used for this purpose – Remy hair and non-Remy hair.

Remy's hair are the hair with cuticles aligned in one direction to eliminate tangling and maintain the natural texture.

Non-Remy hair are collected from different donors as well as from the hair fallen on the floor. They are inexpensive because of tangling problems and different directions of their strands.

On the whole, the cost of toupee with human hair can be higher but you may feel more confident after wearing them as they can match the rest of your hair.

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Cost of a partial wig with Synthetic Hair

The partial wigs with synthetic hair can be maintained easily and are less expensive than wigs with natural human hair. They can be affected by weather conditions, washing or brushing still they maintain their style for a long time. But they can be damaged by styling them with heat as well as their color cannot be changed like human hair. Moreover, you will have to replace them every 3-6 months if you use them regularly.

How to attach male toupee?

Men usually use male toupee according to the pattern of their baldness as they have to wear it to hide their baldness. It can be easy for you to attach your toupee easily once you know how to handle and apply it on your scalp. The tips provided here under can help you in regaining your youthful looks.

First of all, you should see the inside of the partial wig by turning it inside out and draping it over a bunched up circular towel or a circular object. However, you should not flatten the toupee on a flat surface as it can de-shape it.If you have used it earlier then you should remove the residual adhesive remaining on it carefully by moistening it.Now you will have to use toupee tape, double-sided tape to stick to your exposed scalp as well as to the toupee, and attach it to the contours around the edge of the toupee without getting stuck to its hair.Now use your finger to measure your hairline so that your toupee is neither attached too high nor too low as in both the cases it will look unnatural.Now clean your scalp with water as it will also help you in adjusting your hairpiece on your scalp as you want.You should press down the partial wig to activate double-sided tape if you are satisfied with its setting.

Thus men can cover up their partial baldness by using male toupees of their choice.

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