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What Is the Meaning of Male Pattern Hair Growth?

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Have you heard about male pattern hair growth ever in your life? You might have heard among affected females who have got unwanted hair due to hormone imbalance. More hair growth in females due to the male pattern is observed. Hair loss is common in males and the main reason for the issue is male pattern baldness. This issue is commonly affecting many males across the globe and hence they lose hair from temples to crown areas. When we observe the hair loss pattern on the head of males it is found to be M shaped. This male pattern is purely related to male hormones which we mean testosterone.

How females are affected by Hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a common condition among females who have got excessive hair on various parts of the body. Females who are affected by male pattern hair growth are called hirsutism. The male hormone testosterone is responsible for the hair grown on females. Treating hirsutism depends upon the earlier treatment options to them. There are many solutions available to those affected females. There are major symptoms of Hirsutism available for females. Symptoms like balding partially, voice change, hair formation like males affect women who have this disorder.

What is male pattern hair growth? 

In common, males are having hair on the face, body, and chest due to male hormones. This is common to all male customers but the density might vary from one male to other males. Asides from the balding issue, male hormones are seriously distributing hair on the body of the males. This hair growth is referred to as a male pattern. However, women do not have hair like males due to the female hormone in their bodies. In case if a specific female has male hormones in higher quantity then they are said to be affected by the above-discussed issue. Coarse hair on the body of females is the major symptom of hirsutism. 

Female and male hormones' presence

In common, female has both estrogen and to an extent some amount of testosterone in their body. A large quantity of estrogen has to be present in a female body and it is natural. In the case of a woman who has more amount of male hormone namely testosterone in them then she might suffer from this disorder. This is the same for males too who can have female hormones in their body rarely. The main reason for these issues is due to an imbalance of hormones. Whatever the issue, the affected people have to consult a doctor for recovery options. 

What factors influence hair growth on females like the male pattern?

There are various factors that influence male pattern hair growth among females. Even Many family histories are mainly responsible for hair formation in females. Many females have a family history when they analyze the reason. This coarse hair formation is even seen among females who are obese. Obesity is the major cause of this issue and it is very commonly seen among obese people when compared to nonobese people. 

The world population has seen this disorder in major numbers mostly in well-developed countries. The customers from well-developed countries are most affected when compared to non-developed countries. The female population in well-developed countries who have male hair patterns are experiencing severe mental distress. The customers who have the problem are disturbed and not ready to face many people due to fear. This is highly disturbing them and hence treatment options are inevitable. 

Unwanted hair growth is a major worry for all women irrespective of age. The symptoms they feel and experience give them a high warning in the earlier stage itself. Hence an affected female has to analyze various reasons for their issues at the onset of symptoms. 


Are you a female who has affected by male pattern hair growth? If yes, there is no need to feel a lot about it. You can solve the issues with the available treatment options for them. Don't take it for granted because it is nuisance and would make you so dull in your life. Even there are cosmetic treatments that are available to you and hence feel brave to overcome the issues easily. You can consult your beautician and cosmetologist for alternative solutions.


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