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The Introduce of Integration Hair Piece and How to Wear it

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While wigs are considered the most popular way of covering a bald spot, integration hair piece can also be efficient at it. It uses the remaining hair to attach and provide a secure hold while ensuring a natural blend that makes it impossible to detect it. If it is the first time you hear about this type of hair system, read on to know more about it. 

What is an integration hairpiece?

An integration hairpiece is aimed at fighting hair thinning and bald spots. It is a piece of artificial hair or human hair that is applied on a scalp that has some hair left on it. It is used mostly by people who suffer from hair fall in a given area of the scalp, while the rest of their hair is healthy, strong and firm enough to act as a support for the attachment of the fake hairpiece. 

How it is integrated

Such type of hair system works only with scalps that have hair left on them. Bald scalps, scalps with an advanced hair loss, and sensitive scalps whose hair is easy to pull out are impossible to use with integration hairpieces. The reason for that is that this type of toupee uses the existing hair for its attachment. This is why, you need to have strong hair to be able to wear such a hairpiece, otherwise it can slip or fall off. The piece is attached using either clips, expandable bands, temporary glues or by hand threading.

Benefits of choosing an integration hair system

While being a less popular way of dealing with baldness, this type of hair system has some advantages that many people do not know about. First of all, this piece does not inhibit hair growth like many wigs do. It's net permits new hair fibers to breakthrough. This piece is also much easier to attach, as you just need to stab the clips into the existing hair, while not forgetting to adjust it properly to create a seamless blending. On the other hand, wigs involve much glue work that takes effort and time, including spreading, drying time and residue removal.

If the remaining hair is strong enough, integration hairpieces can be incredibly secure, staying in place through wind and intense activity. You can even keep it overnight, without fearing that it will slip off. This toupee is also cheaper than other methods of treating spot baldness, such as wigs and hair transplants. In addition to all that, the hair system is extremely versatile. You will be surprised how easy it blends and interacts with your hair, providing a natural look and a natural feel. You will hardly remember that you wear a wig since you get a similar texture and weight with your human hair.

You will also find it a breeze removing and applying the toupee again and again. The only time you don't have this chance is when you integrate the piece into your hair using hand threading.

How hand threading works

One of the ways you can attach the piece is by threading each fiber of hair manually. You have to use the ventilating needle and sew the hair one by one. Of course, this method takes longer, but it guarantees that your toupee gets safely secured. Speaking of weave, you can make the weave either dense or wide, depending on the amount of remaining hair and its thickness. 

Why integration hairpiece must be your choice

Integration hairpieces are a perfect choice for people suffering from hairline receding or bald spots. Many people who have already tried it report an easy application, versatility, natural look and secure adherence. All these advantages along with a cheap price make it a go-to option for fighting spot baldness and hair thinning. As long as you get only a bald spot on your scalp, it is useless to spend additional money on buying a wig that covers the entire head. Just focus on the bald area by getting an integration hair system that is smaller, cheaper and uses the remaining hair to attach, thus preventing you from buying additional products to perform the application, such as liquid adhesives and tapes. 


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