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The Introduce of Back2Natural Conditioner

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Today we are going to talk about a product called Back2Natural which is very popular recently and a lot of hair system wearers are using it and a lot of YouTubers are reviewing it. So what Back2Natural is? What is it used for? Read on to find out.

What is Back2Natural?

Back2Natural is a color-depositing conditioner that will bring back the original color of your hair system. It is paraben and sulfate-free and very safe to use. It offers you amazing results when used on faded hair, hair systems, hair extensions, wefts, wigs, toppers and damaged hair.

It is not a dying product but a rinsed-out conditioner.

What Is Back2Natural Used for?

Well, Back2Natural works really well for restoring the original color of your hair system. Why would we need to restore the original color? Thats because the hair system hair color will change and become lighter under sun exposure.

It is quite normal if you see your hair system color starting to carry a red or orange tone. Thats caused by oxidation under the sun. You may say that I can wear a hat when I am at the outside. Then whats the point of wearing a hair system. Wearing a hair system is all about looking good and feeling good about yourself. With Back2Natural, you can enjoy your hair completely no matter where you are and what you are doing.

How to Use Back2Natural?

First about the frequency to use Back2Natural, you can use it like 2 or 3 times a week or even more often than that.

You can apply Back2Natural during the shower or use it when you remove the unit. You can use a flat comb or a brush and apply the Back2Natural onto the hair while coming it following the hair direction. After the application, leave it there for 5-7 minutes, 10 minutes on tops, and then rinse it out thoroughly. Then you will notice that the red tone has gone and the hair color looks much more natural.

Where to Get Back2Natural?

Well, it is available on many websites like Amazon or Hair Direct.

Changing the color using Back2Natural is different than coloring a hair unit. It is not recommended to color a hair unit at home if you are not experienced in coloring hair systems. Coloring chemicals left on the hair toupee base will cause damage to the toupee base and make it not wearable anymore. However, some experiments show that if you apply Back2Natural onto the hair unit base, it wont cause any harm to the unit.



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