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The Guide for the Use of Crown Hair Pieces

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A crown hair pieces are made to help people with hair loss in the crown area deal with their issues. Crown hair thinning, also called diffuse thinning, is common to both men and women and is considered the first stage of baldness that starts from the top. In this article, we will provide you with useful information about crown thinning and offer you an insight into crown hair systems.

Crown thinning - the first step to baldness

Crown thinning is less serious than baldness, but it can lead to negative consequences if not approached timely. It happens when the hair fibers in the crown area are falling off. The condition affects just the stripe running across the top of the scalp, leaving the rest of the hair in place. While many people don't pay much attention to their crown thinning issue, it can lead to large-scale hair loss and even to complete baldness.

Causes of crown thinning

There are three main causes of this condition. In most of the cases, hair thinning is caused by aging, being a natural process that happens to many people due to the weakened follicles that fail to keep the hair in place as they used to do before. Another cause is the lack of vitamins, which affects all body systems, including follicles. Being short of iron and other nutritious elements, the follicles become weak and grow less hair, while also keeping the existing one poorly in place.

Sometimes, crown thinning is caused by excessive styling. The chemicals from styling and maintenance products may damage the scalp, making it an unfavorable place for hair growth.

Crown hair pieces as a way of treating crown hair fall

There are many ways you can treat crown thinning. Treatments that involve medicines are efficient, but they take a long period of time. If you can't wait for the drugs to show their effect, you can start wearing a crown hair piece to cover the affected area, until your hair grows back fully. Hair piece use may be both temporary and permanent. If it is impossible to grow the hair back, you may want to start wearing the wig permanently, making it an integral part of your head of hair that helps you forget about your embarrassing condition.   

Tips for applying crown hair pieces

Being smaller than wigs and targeting only a specific area on the scalp, crown toupees are apparently easier to apply. It is so, indeed, but there are some tips that you would be better off taking into account when applying the hair system to ensure that it stays firmly in place and you get a natural blend with the existing hair.

1. Sew more clips if needed

A crown hair piece is applied using clips. This type of application is easier than the one implying glue or tapes as it doesn't include prior preparation and is less messy. You just need to inject the clips into the existing hair, adjust a bit the piece and the application is over. The process is a breeze when you got a lot of hair on your scalp.

However, if you got a small amount of hair, you risk getting a weak hold, which will make the wig fall off in windy weather. In this case, we recommend you to sew more clips into the structure of the toupee, which will help you get better adherence.

2. Take your time to find the appropriate color

While wigs are applied on a bald head, crown hair pieces are applied on a head that still has hair on it. This is why choosing the right color is incredibly important in ensuring a seamless blend. Sometimes, people choose a lighter or a darker color than their natural hair, which makes the toupee easily detectable.

To avoid an awkward look, we recommend you to dedicate much time to identifying a color for your hair piece that would be identical to the color of your natural hair.

A crown hair piece is specially made for people struggling with crown thinning. If you choose the right color and adjust the toupee well, you will get a seamless blend that looks natural and impossible to detect. In this way, you will get more confident in your battle against hair loss. 


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