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The Introduce of Hair Loss Solution Clinic

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It is very important for you to know the hair loss solution clinic because if you use the wrong methods to treat your hair loss, it will make things worse. As there are many clinic examples for traditional Chinese medicine, more and more patients are prone to traditional Chinese medicine. Though some people will choose to implant hair, it really does not work so well. Nowadays, great significance has been attached to scientific research as doctors want to find novel ways to solve this tricky problem. 

There are several Japanese scientists who have developed an effective way to successfully make hair grow in nude mice. This method has a certain value to be promoted and has a broad clinical application and a good prospect in the treatment of regenerating human hair. 

The results of the study were published in a famous journal on 9th May 2019. The researchers mixed HBs with a suspension of the epithelial cell to produce a high hair generation rate after 4 weeks of transplantation in mice. In addition, the gene of hair genetic markers performs better. This technology is expected to be applied in clinical practice. 

As we all know, there are several factors that can cause hair loss: heredity, aging, hormonal disorders, autoimmune diseases, or anticancer drugs. All of this leads to the loss of stem cells which are responsible for hair formation during development and the replacement of lost hair during the normal cycle. If you want to find a proper and effective approach to cure hair loss, you have to find the right cause contributing to your hair loss. 

Currently, hair loss is usually treated with drugs or hair implantation which means hair follicles are transplanted from a part of the body such as the back of the head to the hair loss area. However, these treatments might have limitations. As drugs are not effective in stimulating hair growth, which is not enough to offset hair loss, and hair follicle implantation will not increase the number of hair on the scalp. 

Previous studies conducted by the team have shown that implanting a three-dimensional tissue called HFG into the back of mice can improve the results. HFG is composed of hair follicle stem cells produced by epithelial cells in the outer layer of skin and mesenchymal stem cells. However, this method requires mixing different stem cells from two different sources under the microscope, which makes it a challenge to produce 5000 or more hair follicle embryos for each patient. This is also a challenge for the hair loss solution clinic. 

Dr. Kageyama and Professor Junji Fukuda of Yokohama National University in Japan led a team of scientists who proposed a new method of regenerating hair that is aimed at using mouse and follicle stem cells of human hair. The team used hair follicle stem cells which are collagen-coated to create hair follicle beads in a U-shaped pore plate array. Collagen is a kind of skin structural protein, which is believed to play an important role in embryonic development and hair regeneration. 

Then, the epithelial cell suspension of the mouse was added to the pores containing the gel-coated hair beads. After 24 hours, the epithelial cells were aggregated and adhered to collagen gel. Collagen gel shrinks to form a bead-based hair follicle embryo. 

The results show that compared with other methods, a bead-based hair follicle embryo method has a higher hair formation rate in 4 weeks after hair implantation into mouse skin. 

By comparing the gene performance of germinal gene markers in the three methods, they find that the gene performance of almost all germinal gene markers is more in a bead-based hair follicle embryo method, indicating that collagen enrichment and cell aggregation play an important role in promoting the development of hair follicle stem cells. 

As more and more people are concerned about hair loss, hair loss solution clinic will be a hot spot in the future. What’s more, only when plenty of people are aware that they have got to get rid of bad habits can they really deal with the problem of hair loss. Hair loss is not always very severe if you are just every day. Because everyone will lose hair in a limited number, you do not need to be panic.


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