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The Knowledge of Male Alopecia You Should Know

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What is male alopecia?

Male alopecia is a peculiar kind of hair loss, which normally affects the scalp, however, it can also occur on other places of the skin which have hair. This condition leads to balding patches without affecting the texture of the skin. This kind of hair loss usually affected affects about 50% of men. In this case, man can start to lose hair during their early 20s or early 30s and by the time they reach 50 years this condition would be more visible.

Causes of the male alopecia

As revealed by experts at alopecia is arise when there is an abnormality in the immune system which can damage the hair follicles at the scalp. In this case, it’s the immune system of the body that usually attacks hair follicles, thereby disrupting the normal growth of hair. This hair condition is usually associated with autoimmune conditions like thyroid disease, ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and vitiligo.

Signs and symptoms of alopecia

In many cases, you will see well-defined patches on the scalp indicating that hair has been lost on those areas.

Types of male alopecia

i) Alopecia areata

One of the main features of this kind of alopecia is that the individual will have one or more coin-sized patches on the scalp. In case the condition persists it will become alopecia totalis.

ii) Alopecia totalis

It occurs when hair is lost on the entire scalp.

iii) Diffuse alopecia areata

It occurs as a result of the unexpected and sudden thinning of hair in the entire scalp (in this case it will not occur on one patch or area).

iv) Alopecia Universalis

Apart from losing hair on the scalp, men who have this kind of alopecia will also lose hair on the face areas such as eyelashes, eyebrows and chin area. They may also lose hair in other parts of the body such as public hair, back and chest.

v) Ophiasis alopecia

This is when hair is lost along the lower back or sides of the scalp.

Techniques to address alopecia

Men who have alopecia may face some emotional challenges especially if they lose all hair on the scalp. In many cases they may feel isolated as a result they may be depressed.

If this condition is left unattended for a longer period, the patches would become bigger and the likelihood of hair growing again on those areas will diminish. Although there are medical solutions for alopecia, they will not be important if there are no serious health conditions that are causing it. However, men who may be unhappy with how they look and would wish to have a scalp full of hair can still get treatment.

There are so many techniques for men who may wish to handle this condition, some of them are:


Men who have limited hair loss can hide their condition by having the right hairstyle or haircut. You can request your hairstylist to offer you a creative cut that can make the area of your scalp with thin hair to appear as it’s full.

Hairpieces and wigs

Wigs are also good in addressing this condition as they will cover the thinning hair, complete baldness and receding hairlines. The hairpieces for men usually come in various textures, colors and styles. Men who may wish to have a natural look are recommended to color hairpiece colors and styles which are similar to their natural hair. If your approach professional stylists, they can assist in styling and fitting your hairpiece for an amazing look.

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Men can also access weaves which are usually sewn into their natural hair. However, in this case, they must have enough hair for the weaves to be sewn into. One of the benefits they can achieve is that they can always wear them, even when they are engaging in activities such as showering, swimming, bike riding, sleeping and playing football.

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