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The Introduce of Rogaine for Male Receding Hairline

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There is some debate on whether or not can you use Rogaine for male receding hairline. This medication is a scientifically proven remedy against hair fall and thinning. The misconception about the inefficiency of Minoxidil for male frontal hair loss is related to the initial FDA tests that were conducted only on the top and crown areas of the scalp. However, there is much evidence that Rogaine works great with hairline too. In this article, we will explain how it triggers hair growth and why it is worth giving a try to combat the receding front.

Science behind Rogaine  

Rogaine, also known as Minoxidil, is a vasodilator. In simple words, it enlarges blood vessels promoting a faster and more abundant blood flow to parts of the body. If speaking of hair loss, Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels of follicles helping them receive more blood and stimulating them to perform better at growing and nurturing hair shafts. 

In a more scientific language, when applied topically, Rogaine interacts with scalp sulfotransferase that transforms it into an active element, called Minoxidil sulfate. In its turn, Minoxidil sulfate stops the resting stage of hair, pushing it to switch to the active growth stage, called the anagen phase, where hair grows even thicker and stronger.

Rogaine and hairline: Debunking the myth

After FDA approval tests that targeted only the top of the scalp and crown, many people started believing that Rogaine is effective only for these areas. However, the common misconception that it fails at growing new hair in the front area of the scalp is absolutely wrong. Hairline follicles are identical to other follicles spread across the scalp. Their structure and chemistry are the same, so there is no way Rogain can prove ineffective at the hairline. Moreover, there are many reported stories of successfully treating hairline receding using Minoxidil. 

How effective is Rogaine?

Clinical studies have shown that Minoxidil works. However, the hair grows in several months and there is no guarantee that all your hair will regrow. That is, after months of Minoxidil treatment, you may still be with some tiny bald patches on your scalp. Also, those who want to try Rogaine for male receding hairline should know that in most cases hair will stop growing as soon as you stop taking Rogaine. 

It mostly refers to advanced stages of hair loss where scalp follicles are severely affected and are hard to recover and stimulate. So if you suffer from chronic hair loss, you might need to apply Rogaine permanently to keep the hair on your scalp.  

How to use?

Rogaine is pretty easy to use. You need to apply it twice a day, rubbing it into the scalp with rotation motion. Rogaine is available in two forms: foam and liquid so you are free to choose the method that feels more convenient for you. 

Side effects

There aren't serious side effects of Minoxidil for male front hair loss. Some minor adverse reactions that may appear include itching and redness. Sometimes, you can experience headaches and flushing of the face caused by increased blood flow.    

Rogaine or wig

As it has been mentioned above, it takes months for Rogaine to take effect, especially when it comes to severe hairline receding. Some people may find waiting really stressful, others may be pressed for time needing to grow new hair in some weeks. In these cases, Rogaine treatment may be replaced with wig wearing, which offers instant results and restores confidence in seconds. When it comes to hair receding, it can be a frontal piece that provides a genuine and pleasant look if combined properly with the natural hair.

In addition, while there is a high chance Rogain will not make all your hair regrow, a hairpiece offers complete coverage and high density which makes you look more attractive and gives you more opportunities for styling.

To wrap up, it's worth taking Rogaine for male receding hairline, as it improves blood flow to follicles making them grow hair. However, there are aspects that might give you a stop in choosing this remedy, such as long-lasting treatment, incomplete hair regrowth, and ineffectiveness in case of severe hair loss. Alternatively, you can try a frontal hairpiece, which gives immediate result and provides a dense and appealing hair. 


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