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The Introduce of Single-sided Base Tape

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For people who like wearing super thin skin/poly units or delicate lace toupees, you must have met a situation that the base is ripped because of not handling it very carefully and gently. Today we are going to show you how to repair this using a single-sided Base Tape.

A single-sided Base Tape can provide a 1-7 days holding time and it works for all kinds of base materials including lace, poly, PU, and monofilament.


How to Repair the Damaged Base

First you need to clean the base thoroughly and let it dry completely. Let the hair system base facing up and pin it down onto a foam mannequin head.

Get any hair out of the way before you repair the base and flatten the tear as much as you can.

Take the Base Tape and cut a piece that is slighter larger than the tear and Place the tape over the hole or tear, and firmly press or rub it on to the base material.  

If the patch is in an area where you normally apply adhesive, you can apply bonding tape or liquid adhesive over it once it’s fully dry.

Order A New Hair Piece

The repair using Base Tape is only a temporary solution. You need to order a new piece as soon as possible.

Please kindly note that Base Tape is not designed to be the only adhesive used for the application. It is a single-sided tape and is designed to repair any holes or tears on a base. This Base Tape has a dull finish. So you wont see it through the base. Order this base tape from the following link:

This is all the information about Base Tape and how it works. If any other questions, please feel free to contact us by and our experts will help you out. 


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