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How to Choose the Best Glue for Toupee? Don’t Miss It.

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What is the best glue for toupee? It is undoubtedly a medical-grade glue. For wigs that need to be glued, the general use of liquid glue and double-sided tapes. Usually, the tape is relatively more convenient and simpler. The origin of the tape varies, with production sites in Korea or the United States, and each type has its characteristics, so it is best to choose according to your common products and habits. 

This article mainly introduces the popular products of best glue for toupee, because it is attached to the scalp, comfortable and firm are the most critical. At the end of this article, we will write some tips on the use of glue. If you need it, please skip to the end. 

Great White Toupee Glue

It is Mainly for sensitive skin people, mild and non-irritating. This product must be equipped with H2GO White Glue Remover (See below for introduction). This product has four available sizes which include: Twist Top 1.4 oz, Brush-On 3.4 oz, Twist Top 8 oz, and Pint (16 oz). This glue is sticky, waterproof, sweatproof, and desensitizing. According to the data given on the Walker Tape company’s official website, the stickiness of 3-5 weeks. 

H2GO White Glue Remover

The faster, easier way to remove water-based adhesives. It is mainly for the removal of colloids from Great White Toupee Glue and is not recommended for use with other colloids. This glue remover is mild and non-irritating, suitable for people with sensitive skin. This product has two regular packages, Spray 4 oz and Spray 12 oz respectively. 

Ultra Hold Hair System Adhesive

This is a clear liquid adhesive product. This product has five available sizes which include: No Brush .5 oz, Brush-On .5 oz, Brush-On 1.4 oz, Brush-On 3.4 oz, and Pint (16 oz). Adhesion lasts 3-6 weeks, it is sticky, waterproof, sweatproof, and desensitizing. Recommended using C-22 Solvent Remover (See below for introduction). 

C-22 Solvent Remover

This product has lemon flavor, it is available in three packages: Spray 4 oz, Spray 12 oz, and Gallon (128 oz), it can be used for a variety of glues. It effectively removes glue residue from the scalp and wig, and it does not hurt your skin. 

Special double-sided tapes for toupee

The double-sided tapes are usually divided into large sheets and small sheets, with the smaller sheets being easier to adjust. Overall, the special adhesive is transparent and sticky, and most of the tapes are waterproof, sweatproof, and desensitized. Both hair blocks and full wig covers are available. Some brands also apply a matte finish to the tape to prevent reflections, which is suitable for bangs wig sets. 

Tips for using glue:

No matter what kind of glue, there always a small amount of pulling when using the glue, should be in a ventilated place because the taste of the dissolved solution of the glue is slightly pungent, and so on the dissolved solution fully evaporated, that is, after the glue dries, it becomes solid, then touch with your hand will not be stained on your fingers, and then stick to the wig. 

Glue can be smeared on the skin, can also be smeared on the wig cover, can be smeared a layer, can also be smeared multiple layers. The more layers you wipe, the longer it will take to stick, but be sure to wipe the second layer after the first layer has dried. Besides, it can also be used together with medical double-sided tapes, which can greatly increase the viscosity of the glue. 

Tips for using glue remover:

When using, spray a small amount in the area to be cleaned, wait for a few seconds, you can also spray a little on a dry towel at the same time, wipe with a towel, and then do the cleaning process. 

In conclusion, if you like to show the hairline and the invisible effect can be used with liquid glue; if you like the convenience and repeated use can be used double-sided tapes; if you want to stick more firmly can also be used in both superimposed, first paste double-sided tapes and then apply liquid glue. You can choose it according to your hairstyle. 

Through the above introduction can be seen, it is necessary to buy the best glue for toupee, it is best to use wig special glue, do not be greedy for cheap and buy poor quality glue for toupee, or wig not only limited viscosity but also damage to your skin, the loss is not worth it.


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