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How to Cut The Best Hairstyle with Wearing A Hair System

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Today we are going to talk about the best haircuts for wearing a hair system or a hair unit. How come? Because different bases of hair systems are made for different hairstyles. A lot of people miss this point when they choose a hair system. They dont think about the hairstyle they plan to achieve with this hair unit, however, it decides whether this purchase is a successful one or not.

People can spot a hair unit a mile away if it's not properly put on or if it's the wrong density for that individual. It just doesnt look the best or the most flattering for them. There are indeed some limitations on the hairstyles that a hair system can create. The factors closely related to these limitations are mainly the hair system base and the density. There are ultra thin transparent bases and there are thick durable bases as well. Usually the thinner the base is, the less density it carries. The thicker the base is, the higher density it carries. 

Low Density and Thin Base Hair System

For an ultra thin polyurethane base, the hairline is pretty much undetectable. For LaVivid Eros hair system, the base is 0.03mm and it is totally transparent. Also the density is low so the hair amount is just right especially for people who just start to wear a hair system. When wearing a hair system, you don't want to go from having no hair and all of a sudden having this crazy super thick hairpiece on your head.


High Density and Thick Durable Hair System

A lot of young people prefer high density or thick hair systems. However, the front hairline may doesnt look very natural because most people dont have that much hair in the front of their head. So for a thick hair system, you have to end up wearing it a little more down so what's the best haircut for a thicker hair type or hair system something that covers up this thick hairline so it's not so obvious.


When it comes down to the haircuts again what's the best haircut for your hair type wearing your hair system if it looks natural and you can brush the hair all the way back. You can take a photo of yourself and just look at yourself if you can say that looks like I'm wearing a hair system. Chances are other people are going to feel that way. All in all, for some hair systems with high density, choosing the right hairstyle is particularly important, which is related to whether the hair system you wear is natural or not.

When you choose a hair system online and not sure what haircut it is best for, feel free to contact us by and our experts will help you out. 


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