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How to Distinguish A Wig and A Toupee

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What is the difference between a wig and a toupee? They are both hair products invented to solve the problem of hair loss and let customers regain their confidence with a better appearance. Choosing a wig or a toupee may confuse you. Therefore, we have written this article based on information online to tell you what is the difference between a wig and a toupee. 

The definition of toupees and wigs

Toupees are used to cover the top of your head. It is a small hairpiece. The wig usually can cover your whole head with more styles and colors to choose from. They can both be made of real hair or artificial hair. They are all invented to disguise baldness. 

You choose a toupee with the purpose to blend with your existing hair seamlessly while a wig gives a whole coverage of your head. The former solves the problem of partial hair loss the latter generally can solve the problem of complete hair loss. When choosing a toupee, you should pay special attention to whether or not it can match your existing hair color and texture well. 

The advantages and disadvantages of wigs

·On the good side

Wearing a wig, you do not have to worry about if others can see the difference between the top hair and other parts of the hair. You don’t have to worry whether your scalp is safely covered. The process of choosing a suitable wig is easier. You do not have to cut or style your hair to match well with a wig. A wig can offer you an undetectable appearance. 

There is a wide range of wigs including monofilament wigs which give you the most natural look and hand-tied wigs. With the advancement of manufacturing techniques, nowadays, wigs are most comfortable to wear with a lightweight and soft touch. Some materials are very friendly to sensitive skins. 

After all day's wearing, a wig, of course, needs washing and drying. People may worry that this process will damage the wig hair. Fortunately, some quality wigs can endure the heat. The high temperature will not make them fragile and brittle. Therefore, this sort of wigs can be dried by a hairdryer, which saves your time. 

Wigs different from toupees have more options of styles and colors. If you want to change your image, wigs can be the best option to make you different. 

·On the bad side

Sometimes you have to wear a wig all day long, particularly in a hot climate area, the sweat produced on your scalp may make you will uncomfortable. You may even feel overheated. Apart from that, some wigs of low quality are vulnerable to weather change. You also need to spend time adjusting wigs to make them look natural 

The advantages and disadvantages of toupees

·On the good side

Categorized by the way toupees are attached to your heads, there are glued toupees, clip-in toupees, and so on. Professional hairdressers glue the toupee onto your head and you can get an undetectable effect. Such a toupee can last for weeks or months. For a toupee is firmly attached to your head, it won’t slip off your head due to outside conditions. 

You can treat the toupee as one part of your hair. You can cut it or style it just like real hair. Toupees offer an affordable solution for people suffering from baldness. 

·On the bad side

A toupee compared with a wig is more difficult to choose. Besides, you have to re-attach the toupee every few months. The process of applying toupees to your heads is time-consuming and the later maintenance involves many hair products like remover, shampoo, toupee stand, etc. Once the toupee is not applied properly or it is not maintained well, it will be easy to spot. 

Toupees can only cover part of your hair. The solution is not feasible any longer once the hair loss continues to happen. 


To conclude, can you see what is the difference between a wig and a toupee? They both have their advantages and disadvantages. Purchasing which one depends on your hair situation. We hope this article can help you buy a suitable hair product and feel more confident by wearing it.


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