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How Much Does the Hair Grafting Cost?

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When you intend to do hair transplantation, the most important things you have to consider are hair grafting cost, recovery time and side effects. Just like any other cosmetic surgical procedure, this one can be quite pricey. Nonetheless, it is by far the most efficient way of treating hair loss, restoring the hair growth process and refilling your scalp with hair. The cost of hair transplantation varies depending on some factors. To understand better what the cost includes, we invite you to read this article where we will try to explain how each factor adds financial value to the grafting surgery.

The type of hair grafting  

To begin with, there are two ways hair transplantation can be performed by FUT and FUE. FUT stands for follicle unit transplantation and involves collecting a strip of healthy hair from a part of the scalp that is less visible. This strip is transferred to the bald area and inserted in it. Before being attached, the strip is dissected under a microscope into grafts made up of fibers and the skin surrounding them, then injected individually in the transplant area. It's worth mentioning that FUT comes with significant side effects. It leaves a large scar that is visible and can affect the aesthetic value of your scalp, especially if you prefer short haircuts.

The second type of hair grafting is less invasive, being a recent innovation designed to make the transplantation procedure safer. It is called follicle unit extraction and involves harvesting individual hair fibers from a healthy donor area using special pinchers that extract the strand together with the active follicle. After that, the collected units are injected in the baldness-affected area one by one. The greatest advantage of FUE is that it's less likable to leave a scar. Well, at least not as big as the one left by FUT, but rather some minor rounded scars left on the donor area by each pinch performed during the harvesting. Luckily, though, these scars heal fast and they are barely visible. 

In spite of being safer, FUE has some drawbacks. Since it's an incredibly meticulous task, the procedure lasts longer than FUT. With that comes a higher cost, because the surgeon spends a lot of time collecting hair by hair and more skill and precision are required from him/her to carry out the grafting.   

The complexity of your problem

The cost depends also a lot on how large the area that needs hair transplantation is. It can be a tiny spot that requires fast surgery and minimum efforts. However. If the baldness spreads on a larger area, you will have to pay more, as more grafts will have to be transplanted.   

The surgeon you choose

You are expected to pay more if the procedure is made by a reputed surgeon with a wider background in performing hair grafting and more satisfied clients behind. Even though you are going to experience a price increase, you are better off choosing a more experienced surgeon. Thus you will minimize complications and raise your chance of the grafting to take place successfully.  

Travel costs

If there are no places in your city to perform hair grafting, you will have to travel to another city for your surgery, which will increase the overall cost of the procedure.

Recovery costs

Paying for the transplantation is just a part of the cost because you will have to go through a recovery period after the surgery that will also involve expenses. You will have to buy dressing for your scars and medications to disinfect them and make them heal faster.

Now, considering all these factors, the estimated hair grafting cost ranges from $3000 to $15,000. If you choose the non-invasive and safer FUE grafting surgery, you will have to pay more, but you will enjoy, in this case, lower recovery costs, given the smaller scars that minimize the risk of infection and heal faster. A thing that has to be considered when choosing FUE is that the procedure lasts significantly longer than FUT. The cost of the procedure will also increase if you choose a more reputed and experienced surgeon to perform your grafting and if you have to travel to another city for your surgery.

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