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The Introduce of the Hollywood Hair System for Men

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What is the Hollywood hair system for men? This is a new hair toupee product getting more and more popular among both consumers and sellers. If you are looking for relevant information about it, read this article and you will know what it is and how does it work.

The definition of Hollywood lace hair system

This type of hair system is one of the latest hair-loss covering products. With a lace base, hairpieces are knotted to the base by hands. The lace base is the French lace base. It is of high quality catering to most consumers’ demands. The same as other upmarket hair toupees, the Hollywood hair system is light-weighted and comfortable to wear. 

Besides, this sort of hair replacement system is easy to apply and remove. Due to its positive features, it has been listed in the catalog of many online and offline stores. You can easily find the product on the internet.

Detailed information about the Hollywood male hair system

·Hair base

It has the French hair base, which is one of the most common and popular hair bases for toupees. Featuring higher durability compared with a Swiss hair base, the French base is a likeness of many retailers and customers. It can also give the hair toupee an undetectable look when worn. With the French base, the quality of the whole hair system is upgraded. 

The hair replacement system with a French base also has a longer life span while it is also soft and breathable. On the combination of these advantages, there is no doubt that the Hollywood hair system for men is welcomed by both sellers and buyers. 

·Thin skin perimeter

More invisibility of knots is added to the system by the thin skin perimeter. It looks like that the hair directly grows from your scalp. The thin skin is also helpful to enhance durability. Clips are integrated into the perimeter so that the hair system for men can be easier attached, particularly for the customers who dislike using adhesive a lot. 

·Bleached knots

Knots are used to further fix hairpieces that are sewed into the base. To make it more invisible and undetectable, the knots are bleached. In this case, the hair base can perfectly link to your head seamlessly. Many hair systems nowadays apply bleached knots at Lavividhair store, which is a smart technique. 

·Human hair

There are obvious differences between real human hair toupees and synthetic toupees. Though the former is more expensive, it is more durable and good-looking. Hollywood hair system is made of 100% human hair, so it can be straightened and curled. While synthetic ones cannot endure tools generating heat. 

Advantages of Hollywood men’s hair system

Long life span: As we have mentioned above, the French base, invisible knots, and thin skin perimeter all lengthen its longevity. You can use it for around 4-6 months. Well-maintenance also contributes to longer usage time. 

Realistic appearance: Since it is made of real hair, you can trust that it is natural to wear the wig. Designing details are all hidden inside the hairpieces. There is a various color for choosing. You can select one that fits your skin color. 

Free to style: If you dislike the original hairstyle, you can style the male hair toupee to your likeness. It is suitable to make a wide range of hairstyles. 

Easy applications: With the help of clips, you can easily apply the Hollywood hair system for men to your scalp. With the thin skin perimeter, it is also easier for you to remove the toupee. It is hard to remove a simple lace base and clean adhesive residues. 

Reasonable price: Unlike other high-end products, the price of the hair unit is affordable and reasonable. Plus maintenance and styling costs, the total expense will be less than 1000 US dollars. 

Wonderful wearing experience: Featuring softness, lightweight, and breathability, the hair toupee is comfortable to wear even on a hot day.


To conclude, if you are interested in the Hollywood hair system for men, don’t hesitate to search it at our store. If you are still unsatisfied with its performance, there are also other excellent products waiting for you to add to the shopping cart.


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