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The Distinguishment between Bleached Knots vs Unbleached Knots

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It is very common for a customer to know the difference between bleached knots vs unbleached knots. The major differences between bleached and unbleached knots are interesting to learning professionals. Majorly, the professionals know the basic difference and they teach their customers the same who want to upskill. The difference might be interesting and would make many individuals cope with the task. Those who are interested in bleach the wigs would also want to know about unbleached knots. The new customers who buy the hairpiece would also like to know about the process.

Major features of bleaching

The two major features of bleaching the wig knots are the effect on the hairpiece mainly the natural-looking. Also, the bleaching effect on the longevity of the wig purchased by the customer. Many hair making professionals are very clearly explaining the demerits and merits of the bleaching on knots wigs to the customers. The customers have to understand the bleaching process and they can make a quick decision about it. Many customers would like to bleach their hairpieces considering the major advantages at a glance. However, some customers, a few, keep their hairpieces without bleaching.

Difference between bleached and unbleached wigs

bleach knots

The major difference is mainly noticed on hair wig knots when they have applied the bleaching solutions. The bleaching solutions on light hair wig are not at all needed because the color itself is mild thereby the visibility is not available to the onlookers. However, this is not so in the case of black color hair pieces in which the knots look like dots, and hence the need for bleaching is essential. The professional knows this basic process between the bleaching and unbleached knots and hence they request customers to follow the same. If anything is not followed as per norms, the natural appearance after wearing the toupees is affected largely. So, the technicians are advising very closely to the customers about their hair toppers.

The difference in the pros and cons

The major advantage of using the bleached knots wigs is the longevity is more. The natural look for the person who wears the bleached wig is having an enhanced natural look and undetectable. The hair of the wig does seem to come from the scalp directly and no artificial image is achieved. While considering the disadvantages of bleached wigs knots, the technical process is more and time-consuming. Due to bleaching hair shedding is quicker than expected because the knots are weakened due to continuous bleaching. The jet black hair knots are very difficult to get bleached.

Unbleached pros and cons

The unbleached hair knots comparatively give more life span to the wearers. The hair shedding is very minimum for the wearer. The very important point noted by the customer who wears unbleached wig is that they are unnatural look after wearing. Usually, the customers love for the original look and hence this feature is considered very unfavorable.

Customer needs to evaluate

Judging the pros and cons of both bleached and unbleached hair knots, the customer has to go accordingly when he purchases the hair toupees. He has to evaluate the features of bleaching and unbleached knots accordingly he has to cope with the .the purchasing process. The wig-wearing customer has to analyze and go with purchasing the models of hair units at a reputable store. Whether he bleaches the product or unbleached, the exact hairpiece that units his style and look is a must. He has to consider many points before finalizing the product for his head. The techniques involved in making a single knot and double knots have to be well understood.

Natural appearance is inevitable

Whoever the customer is, the major expectations for buying the hair wigs are natural appearance after wearing. Hence, the ultimate goal of a customer is largely dependent upon the bleaching effects that give the hairpiece a quality and undetectable look. Hence, many customers love to bleach the hair toupees so that they can achieve their goals easily.

Professional advice is paramount

A beginner or inexperienced person on hairpieces must get the advice from the professionals of the hair industry about the bleaching techniques. Thorough knowledge of bleaching would enhance the customers' purchasing skills on hairpieces and bleaching wig knots effectively.


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