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Information about Toupee Tape and How to Use

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Toupee tape is a strong type of adhesive tape which is applied to a toupee in order to keep it fastened to the head during everyday use. It is the best way to attach a toupee to the head, considering the other options, which is glue. This is because it is strong and offers a realistic look. In addition, it lasts for long periods of time. Another benefit of using this product is its ease of use. It quite simple to apply to the head, and removes easily. Usually a substance, such as water or alcohol, is used to remove it. We have an excellent adhesive product on our website, which you can find here:

Why to use Hairpiece Adhesive?

Toupees are used to cover up thinning or balding hair. It is a great wear to protect and preserve one's appearance, no matter the situation of one's hair. There are several ways to attach them, the best being through the use of adhesive tape. There are other ways, such as glue, but they are inferior to tape. Tape is best because it offers a very realistic look, which is extremely important when wearing a hairpiece. There are several types of tape, such as strips or double-sided adhesives. They lie flat on one's head and are undetectable. They also make the toupee appear voluminous and healthy, and they make the hair as attractive as possible. It also is very strong and durable, which is necessary for the daily usage of toupees. Walker lace front tapes or Ultra Hold tapes, they are double-sided tapes have the advance of most tacky, flexible, and long-lasting, extra stretchy, making it comfortable to wear and great for flexible lace base materials. 


toupee adhesive

Another reason one should consider this product is because of how easy it is to use. Toupee tape is extremely simple, as opposed to other methods of attaching hairpieces. All one has to do to use this is simply stick it onto the toupee, and press it onto the scalp. This offers a strong, long-lasting fit. Many adhesives last for days at a time, which is very convenient for the wearer. One does not need to change the toupee daily. Hairpiece tape is incredibly simple to remove. All one needs to do is pour either water or alcohol, depending on the product, onto the tape. It comes right off! This convenience is a huge draw to this type of product.

One can apply this adhesive from the comfort of their home, and do not need any assistance. This allows one to be independent with their usage and not need to rely on other people. It is also simple to adjust the tape, as one can easily add more as needed.

One other reason one should use tape is so that one can have freedom of movement, without concerning themself about their hairpiece. When one does not use this adhesive, one is constantly preoccupied with the fear that the wig may fall off. Oftentimes, people will constantly be heading to the bathroom mirror to fix their wigs, They constantly stress over the fact that at any second it could potentially be knocked off the head or fall onto the floor. Eliminating this worry relieve a great deal of stress, and as we all know, stress is a killer!

How Long does Toupee Tape Last?

The answer to this question is this: it depends on the product. However, in general, it will last anywhere from several days to two weeks. This is a convenient feature that they possess. One can buy certain types of adhesive which will last either longer, or shorter, depending on the type. Some are designed to last for long periods of time, while others are not. It really depends on personal preference as to which someone would desire to purchase. Another aspect of the longevity of toupee tape is their long-lasting durability. For example, if a blast of wind rushes against one's head, lesser versions of adhesive would allow the toupee to fly off. However, with tape this would never even be a possibility.

Adhesive for Physical Activities

toupee tape

Another aspect of this benefit is the water resistance of many toupee tapes. This especially useful for showering with toupees, as well as for swimmers. Oftentimes, swimmers will find that their toupees fall off in the water; this can easily be avoided by using the right type of adhesive. One can easily find a tape that will be suitable for this task. This is also true for those who enjoy outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping. These are physical, rugged activities which require sweat and exertion. Having a toupee which falls off would be irritating and embarrassing, and therefore using tape is a necessity. In fact, any athletic activity, such as running or weightlifting, requires this type of adhesive.

The waterproof aspect of the adhesive is also beneficial in inclement weather, such as snow or rain. Ordinarily, without using this tape, the wig could easily fall off. It could become damaged.

How to Apply Toupee Tape

The application is simple, but it can be tricky at first. The first step is to wash the skin where the tape will be applied. This is to ensure it stays on the head for a long period of time. The next step is to cut the tape roll. Of course, if one is using strips this step can be skipped. The next step is to place the tape along the hairline on the scalp. It is important to make sure the tape is laying flap, without any wrinkles or bubbles. After this, it is time to put the hairpiece on. It is important to apply it slowly, so it is placed exactly as is desired. Once it is applied, then one can style and brush the hair,

Removing the wig is also a fairly simple affair. One needs to put the remover, generally water or alcohol, on cotton swabs, and swab the hairline. Slowly the adhesive will come off, and one can easily pull of the hairpiece. It is imperative not to stretch the hairpiece while doing this step, as doing so can damage it.

Toupee tape is the easiest, most beneficial type of adhesive,, and it is an absolute necessity for any toupee wearer


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