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Why Many Blad Men Choose Monofilament Human Hair Wigs?

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How to tell monofilament human hair wigs from other hair systems? If you are new to wig wearing, you most probably have trouble understanding what differs monofilament human hair wigs from wigs having another material at their base. Well, a monofilament hairpiece is a type of cap that is made from a combination of mesh and skin. The transparent (sometimes beige) mesh is placed in the middle of the cap and it is used to insert the hair fibers.

Each fiber is hand-tied to the mesh. Since the mesh is invisible or imitates the skin color, you get the impression that the hairs grow directly from your scalp, which makes the wig look natural and not betray the presence of an artificial hair structure on your head.

What is the role of skin?  

The skin that is placed around the perimeter of the wig base plays two roles: durability and natural look. The skin is a flexible structure that is hard to tear and it protects the fragile mesh while strengthening the edges of the wig. Also, the skin is transparent, adopting the color of your scalp and making it almost impossible to detect the presence of the wig.

Are there any advantages of wearing a mono hairpiece?

Mono base is chosen by a lot of men suffering from baldness and sensitive scalp. It gives a range of advantages that you can check out below.

1. The wig looks as natural as your own hair

Unlike lace wig where the scalp is covered by a detectable lace structure, mono wigs have an invisible mesh that makes the scalp visible. As a result, hairs seem to grow directly from your scalp, making the wig hardly noticeable and natural-looking.

2. The hair strands are more mobile

Given the unique hand insertion of each fiber, the hair receives more mobility than that secured with glue. It can move in any direction, making the wig look natural and appealing Unfortunately, this can never happen with glue-adhered hair, because the end of each hair strand is laid either backward or forward and then secured with adhesive, making the hair impossible to move or comb in the opposite direction.  

3. Luxurious comfort

Monofilament provides the wearer with an exclusive comfort. The material is incredibly soft and is perfect for men with sensitive scalp since it does not irritate the skin. Mono structure is also breathable, which helps the skin breathe and stay healthy. This makes mono wig a perfect choice for people living in hot areas, reducing sweating.

4. Multidirectional combing

If you love styling your hair, you are better off choosing a monofilament human hair wig. Its structure allows you to comb the hair in any direction since the ends of the hair fibers are flexibly tied to the mesh without affecting their mobility. It's always up to you whether the hair will point backward, forwards or on the side.

What is a double monofilament wig?

If you can afford to spend a bit more money on a wig, you can choose a monofilament hairpiece with a double layer of mesh. The second layer is applied to the first layer and has the role of protecting it and prevent hand-knitting which can happen any time you style the hair or play with it. The main downside of such a wig is obviously the fact that it gets less breathable.

Should I try a mono on my bald scalp?

Well, the slightly higher price already hints at the superiority of mono wigs over other types of hair systems. Mono has a unique hand-tied fiber construction that allows the hair to be more mobile and styling-friendly, which allows you to be in better control of your hair appearance. Also, the soft structure preserves the skin in a good condition, provides comfort and prevents irritation. If you decide to give a try to this premium-quality hair system, you can choose Apollo Men's Toupee with Scallop Front from

The toupee is durable and provides a seamless application thanks to the almost invisible mesh. It is made of human natural hair, which makes it stronger and more versatile for styling. If you feel that the base is too large, you can cut the needed amount to fit the size of your head. 


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