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What Would Influence the Men's Hairpiece Adhesive

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Many men feel confused when their expensive top-quality men's hairpiece adhesive lasts short and loses bond fast. While they start to blame the glue brand for offering a low-quality product, there are many other factors that could lead to the poor performance of the glue. In this article, we are going to explain what are the main causes of the male wig glue bond getting prematurely weaker and how to prevent it. 

1. Wrong timing of wig application

Liquid men's hairpiece adhesive is a tricky product to work with. You have to choose the right timing to apply the wig when the glue has the highest bond capacity. If you apply the wig when the adhesive is still liquid, most of the glue will be absorbed by the hairpiece base and the adherence will be bad. Applying the wig when the glue is almost dry is also not recommended, because the adhesive doesn't stick when dry. This is the feature of all glues, no matter it is cheap or expensive. To ensure you avoid such mistakes that reduce the bond, you are good to place the hair system on the head when the glue has partially dried and reached a tacky texture. By respecting this middle point, you guarantee a great hold power that lasts long. 

2. Sweat

Sweat can weaken the glue bond. If you know your scalp is sweaty or if you have an intense lifestyle, you must put in place some precautions that would prolong the lifespan of the glue. First of all, you need to use a waterproof adhesive based on an extra moisture control formula. Such glue stands up to sweat and oil that tend to reduce the bond, lasting more than you could be expected. Another precaution you are good to take is to use a scalp protector before applying the wig. A scalp protector creates a barrier between the scalp and the wig base. In this way, the sweat will never ever meet the glue to compromise its bond. 

3. Breaking the 24-hour rule

If you are a newbie in wig wearing, you may not know about the 24-hour rule, which says that you don't have to expose the wig to moisture within 24 hours after application. This precaution is advised by many wig experts because the men's hairpiece adhesive needs time to dry out completely and form a powerful bond. If you try to wash the head a few hours after wig application or if you are eager to work out in the gym, you put the glue bond at risk. It's more than probable that the glue will lose power and the bond will stay only a few days, while supposed to be one month. 

With that in mind, it becomes smart of you to refrain from exposing the scalp and wig to moisture during the first day after wig application. It will only benefit you since you avoid another installation session and allow the glue to adhere strongly to the wig offering a long-lasting bond. 

4. Pulling and playing around with the hair

If you like to play around with your hair, the following news can make you give up on this habit. Every time you pull on the hair, twist it or aggressively brush it to detangle, the glue bond gets weaker. It doesn't happen at once, but rather in time with pulling taking place every day. The bond suffers, even more, when you brush or pull the hair in the first 24 hours after wig application, as the glue may not managed to dry out and stick properly. So it may be good to keep yourself from playing with your wig hair over and over if you want a strong and long-lasting glue bond. 


There are four precautions you want to take away from this article to improve the longevity and power of the men's hairpiece adhesive. They include: applying the wig when the glue is tacky, using a scalp protector and a waterproof glue if your scalp is sweaty, complying with the 24-hour rule, and avoiding playing with the wig around often. If you don't stick with these precautions, you will end up with a weak glue bond that will have you reapply the wig frequently. 


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