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Customer and Stylists Feedback about LaVivid Eros Men's Toupee

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Eros toupee for men is a 0.03mm ultra thin skin base hair system which offer the most realistic and undetectable hairline. Its base is so transparent and you can see your scalp clearly through the base.

eros toupee for men

Eros is one of the most popular styles in LaVivid and a lot of people and hairstylists have send us their feedback and review about this product. Let’s take a look what they say about this Eros toupee.

Peter is the owner of Medusa salon and he is a wonderful hair system stylist and wearer. Here is a photo he shares with people with LaVivid Eros toupee for men.


Quoted ‘
This is probably my most favourite hair system to date!! @lavivid_hairreplacementsystem 
This is an ultra thin skin base with the most realistic hairline.. so natural and really easy to look after! .


Aaron is also a great hairstylist himself and a hair system wearer. Here is a before-after picture of him wearing LaVivid Eros hair system.

customer review

Quote The system I was #gifted from @lavivid_hairreplacementsystem is still going strong. There's a little IGTV review on my page for you to check out on quick thoughts about the product too.

System base has been the most undetectable yet, hair has been the most realistic and its received the most compliments too - go check them out and there's LOADS of videos over on their page for advice on the product, fitting, installation and lots of other bits to watch too

Really happy to review the @lavivid_hairreplacementsystemcompany now I'm 4 months into using the system they #gifted me to try out

lavivid men's toupee

This handsome also wears LaVivid Eros Men's Toupee. 

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