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The Introduce of Swiss Lace Toupee You Should Know before Buying It

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Swiss lace and French lace are two popular types of lace that most of the wigs are made of. If you are new to wig wearing, you will probably find it difficult to choose the one that fits you best. In this article, we will offer an insight into Swiss lace, while comparing it with its French counterpart, so that you can sense the difference between them better and decide which one is your best bet.


Well, we would probably want to begin by saying that the two laces are similar in many aspects. They are both breathable, they share the same grid density and they are available in the same spectrum of colors. However, when it comes to touching, you are expected to feel the first difference. Swiss fabric is finer and softer, which makes it extremely delicate at touch. You would be better off choosing this type of lace for a more comfortable wear and less scalp irritation. French lace is coarse and comparably rough at touch, which makes it a worse choice for people with extremely sensitive scalp. 


Swiss fabric loses ground when it comes to durability. It is so fragile that damaging it requires hardly any effort, so you need to be extremely careful and gentle when applying and removing it. French fabric has a more durable structure that makes it resistant to threats, such as weather, heat styling and stretching. This allows for a longer lifespan of 3 to 4 months, while a Swiss base is said to last only one month. 


Resilience is a property that allows wig bases to resist distortion and damage during application and removal that sometimes involve stretching and pulling. French fabric is not only more durable but also more resilient, having the great feature of returning to its shape and size after a stretch used to adjust the wig on the head. Swiss fabric is delicate and hardly resists stretching. The lace can either tear under great pressure or experience a shape distortion that is impossible to fix.     

What hair systems are compatible with Swiss lace?

Well, Swiss fabric is compatible with any skin color as it is available in a wide spectrum of colors that match perfectly any type of scalp and face becoming hardly noticeable. This makes Swiss fabric excellent for frontal hairpieces, toupees and crown pieces. Many people choose this fabric for the front as it provides an invisible naturally looking hairline.

When am I supposed to choose Swiss fabric?

When choosing your lace, you have to consider some aspects. First of all, if it's the first time you wear a wig, your best choice would be a French lace, because it is tougher and more resistant. Beginners are not recommended to opt for Swiss fabric base because they are not skilled at applying and removing the wig, which can result in the damage of the fragile lace. If you have some experience in wearing hair systems, you can choose Swiss fabric, having you apply and remove it gently without distorting its shape by excess stretching and aggressive pulling.  

Another aspect you should consider is how much you intent to wear the wig. If you plan on a short-term wear, you would want to choose Swiss fabric base, because it wears down faster. If you target a long-term wear, you are better off going with a French lace which has a longer lifespan being resistant to daily threats. Moreover, if you have a sensitive scalp, your best bet would be a Swiss lace, because its fine and delicate texture prevents any skin irritation and redness. French lace is coarser, so it may hurt the sensitive scalp.

To conclude, Swiss lace is an extremely delicate wig base fabric that doesn't cause scalp irritation and provides a comfortable wear being thin, breathable and pleasant at touch. At the same time, it is more susceptible of damage, being less durable and less resilient than French lace. Swiss fabric is versatile, being compatible with both full baldness and spot baldness hair systems. It works great with front pieces as it has color that blends perfectly with the color of your scalp and face, making it invisible and natural-looking. 

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