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What Thin Skin Hair Systems for Men Are Like In Person

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When it comes to thin skin hair systems, the first question is often ‘how thin would you like your hair system?’ at LaVivid we have several skin thickness options to choose from. We have ultra-thin, super thin, thin and normal skin hair toupee thicknesses available.

Ultra-thin Skin Hair System

Ultra-thin skin, also known as ‘micro thin skin’ is our thinnest skin. Our Eros Men’s Hair System has a full ultra-thin skin base which is only 0.02mm-0.03mm thick. It takes careful skill for our craftsman to make skin bases like this. When the base is made, hair needs to be injected into the base. This process is a delicate process to ensure the base is kept intact. During ultra-thin skin hair system base production there is a 10% possibility that the base will be ruined, and it will need to be re-done. Therefore, the price is comparatively higher for an ultra-thin skin base.

Although delicate, our Eros hair system is the most natural looking one on the toupee market. You would never notice a person is wearing a toupee with this system as it is completely undetectable.

The only drawbacks of Eros is that it is not as breathable as a lace hair system and it can only last 2-3 months with the right care. However, in order to get the most realistic look, people often give up breathability and durability.

ultra thin skin toupee

Super Thin Skin Toupee

Named super thin because this skin is very thin but slightly thicker than the ultra-thin skin. Our Mirage toupee for men possesses super thin skin. Mirage has a full skin base of 0.04mm thick.

The Mirage toupee has 1/8’’ skin in the front hairline area, which is the same as Eros Ultra-thin skin hair system. 1/8” of skin in the hairline offers a second skin look of an extremely natural hairline. What’s better is that the skin in the back is comparatively thicker to be stronger. Mirage can last longer than Eros at 4-6 months.

super thin skin toupee

Thin Skin Hair Replacement

Our Coeus men's hair replacement unit has a full thin skin base of 0.1mm thick. As Coeus is easier to produce, it is more affordable. Coeus is thicker than the first two thinner styles and therefore stronger. Coeus can offer you from between 6-9 months wearing time.

thin skin toupee

Normal Skin Men’s Hair Unit

Achilles Men's Hair Unit has a full skin base of 0.12mm which is the thickest and strongest among the skin hair systems. its hair density has reached 130%, so it is more suitable for young people with dense hair. Though the base is thick, the front hairline is a scallop shape which makes the front hairline natural and creates the look of a natural hair growth appearance. Because its base thickness is the thickest, its breathability will be worse. If you sweat a lot, we suggest you not choose this one.

normal skin toupee

Skin with Lace in the Front

Oceanus is considered as skin unit because the main part of the base structure is skin. It has 0.1mm skin base in the back and about 1.5 inches lace in the front. It is a super durable hair system and with density of 130%. 

lace front hair system

Compared to lace base hair systems, skin hair systems are easier to work with. It is recommended that people who start to wear a toupee choose skin hair systems. It is easier to put on, remove and clean. Also it stays firmly on the head and longer than a lace base supposing they use the same bonding method. 

Among the four skin hair systems mentioned above, you can expose your front hairline with Eros, Mirage and Coeus with no problem at all. However, with Achilles, you'd better to wear a fringe or comb your hair forward because an exposed hairline could be a little obvious. 

If you have any questions about the difference between similar styles, feel free to let us know at and we would be very happy to assist you.

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