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The Things You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Grey Hair Toppers

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If you want to buy grey hair toppers, you have to take into consideration some details that would help you make the best choice. If you have some knowledge about wigs, don't count much on it, as a topper is something else, having a different size, purpose, and way of attachment.

What is the difference between a topper and a wig?

Contrary to popular belief, wig and topper are the same thing. Though both refer to hair systems that come to compensate for hair loss, there are, still, some differences. First things first, a topper is a hairpiece that targets only a specific area on the scalp, while wigs cover the entire head. Toppers are smaller in size than wigs and there can be several of them on the scalp, in case you have two or three bald areas.

While wigs are designed for people who are completely bald, toppers are used by people who have not lost all their head of hair but are partially bald or suffer from thinning hair. Another difference has to do with the way the two hair systems are applied. A topper is usually attached using a bunch of clips, by stabbing the clips into the existing hair. This method is not specific for wigs, because people wearing wigs are completely bald.

Truth be said, clips do not provide a stronghold, and the topper can fall off or slide off whenever you make swift movements, like running or dancing, or in case of windy weather. To prevent embarrassing situations of this kind, it is recommended to use the clips in combination with adhesives or tapes.

Avoid securing the topper with adhesive, if you use it for supplementing your thinning hair, as applying glue on your hair will make it sticky and rock-hard, requiring huge effort then to remove the dried and solidified adhesive. Use the adhesive only for bald areas, where the glue gets direct contact with the skin.

Lace base or skin base?

Before buying grey hair toppers, you have to decide on whether you will wear the topper permanently or occasionally. If you plan an extended wear, skin base is what might suit you better, as it is compatible with adhesive, which is known to provide a much stronger and long-lasting hold. In this way, you can wear the topper up to one month without having to reinforce the bonding again and again.

If you intent though to wear the topper occasionally or wear it daily when going to work and then remove it when home, you are recommended to choose a lace base, as it is applied using tapes that involve an easy and mess-free removal. Moreover, lace is better for hot days, as the material is breathable and doesn't allow the scalp to sweat.

Synthetic fiber or human hair?

Another thing to look for when buying a topper is material. Generally, toppers are made of two materials: human hair, and synthetic fiber. In spite of being expensive, human hair topper provides a more natural look and is more versatile in use, allowing you to dye it to a darker grey or a lighter grey or even change the color. Also, you can style it the way you want. Synthetic fiber is cheaper and easier to take care of, but it is more exposed to sunlight that decolors it fast, and heat that makes the hairpiece look dry and unnatural.

Is it difficult to take care of grey hair toppers?

Like any other hair system, toppers need regular maintenance. After a couple of weeks of wearing, the hairpiece gets dry, loses volume, gets tangled in many cases, and gets a reduced bonding power. To prevent it, you have to take care of the topper on a regular basis, using conditioners and quality solvents to remove the adhesive and reapply a new one. A conditioner will help you moisturize, untangle, and enhance the volume of the topper, ensuring that it gets a natural and shining look.

Both the conditioner and the grey hair topper you can find on, which is a provider of hair systems of any color, style, and base, as well as of maintenance products to help ensure that your hairpiece does not need replacement soon.


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