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The Things You Need to Know about European Hair Unit

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European hair is the highest quality hair material available on the hair system market. To be more accurate, unprocessed European hair is the best available on the hair unit market. Well, there is unprocessed European hair, then there is processed European hair. What’s the difference? Why processed European hair is not so great? Read on to find out.

UnProcessed European Hair

Here at LaVivid, we have a stock hair system called Cronus and it is made of unprocessed European hair. Here the word ‘unprocessed’ means it is not bleached or dyed in any matter. So this unprocessed European hair is just like how it was collected from donors. It is super soft, silky and flowy. Just because of this, it is really hard to find on the market especially for long Unprocessed European hair. Also there are limited color options for you to choose from because it is not processed to different colors.


The Cronus model of LaVivid is 9’’ long and the hair used is unprocessed European hair. Right now, it only has 3 colors available and they are 1B20, 1B30 and 1B80. All other single colors like black, brown or blonde are all sold out now. So if any of 1B20, 1B30 or 1b80 is your color and you are looking for a high end and high-quality hair system, then this is the one.

Processed European Hair

When people ask for European hair but we don’t have a matched color, then we will bleach the European hair and dye it into the color that you want. After European hair is bleached, then it will become dry and not as soft and silky as Unprocessed European hair. Even though, processed European hair will still be better than Indian human hair which is mostly used for hair systems.

When covid happens, it is really hard to collect European hair anymore. The unprocessed European hair material we have is usually very short and in a limited amount for each color. So under this circumstance, if you insist on using European hair for your hair system, we have to process the European hair to your color. 

All in all, when you plan to order a European hair system, you need to clarify with the hair system distributor whether they use unprocessed European hair or processed European hair, especially after you ever used an unprocessed lavivid European hair before, you will be disappointed with the unit that uses processed European hair. 

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